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The Upper Half of the Motorcycle

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This is the best-selling, multi-reprinted, much-acclaimed German book about riding skills and how-to-think-about-riding. Deservedly so. It is terrific and goes well beyond everything similar.

Now finally available in English, the reader is guided through five sections that build upon our evolutionary biology, conscious actions and capabilities, and integration of man and machine to achieve higher levels of performance in the ultimate quest to become one with the bike (and the road). By Bernt Spiegel. Translated by Meredith Hassall. Softbound, 8.5"×10.75", 189 pp., color illus.


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Customer Reviews (1)

Good winter fodderReview by DeanW
There are already a lot of books out there that tell you what you want to do when riding- look here, press there, squeeze this, step on that.

This book does a little of that, but is more about how the thought of doing something gets turned into the action, and how to improve the processes ("action programs") to improve performance of the biggest wildcard of any motorcycle- the rider.
(Posted on 1/4/12)