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Why We Drive

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Educational and fun to read, this interesting little tome of transportation propaganda uses pictographics, history and insightful common-sense to drive straight to the heart of America’s dependence on cars.

While not specifically advocating motorcycling, the author does make a concisely narrated argument in support of the adoption of alternative forms of transportation, while outlining the conspiracy, politics and collusion that have shaped our current system of congestion, urban sprawl and cyclical dependence on ever expanding roadways.

An inspirational and insightful examination of American transportation. Worth a read, pass it on… By Andy Singer. Softbound. B&W ills. 160 pp. 5"×7".


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Customer Reviews (1)

Why we DriveReview by Robert
It's OK. A little too basic for the cost, but kinda cute. The GM, etc history is informative for those who weren't already aware, but, well, it coulda delved a little/lot deeper, y'know? (Posted on 5/19/14)