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Top Dead Center, Book 2

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In the world of moto-journalists, there’s Kevin Cameron, and there’s everyone else. By far the finest technical writer the internal combustion press has known, these compendiums contains his best work, spanning 35 years as editor and contributor of both Cycle and Cycle World. Since 1973, he’s been a straight shooter without ego, arrogance or hidden agendas. Some people just seem to find their way early in life and end up doing exactly what they were put on earth to do. Cameron is one of them, and any rider who’s even so much as gotten down in the dirt to change a tire will appreciate these books. Full of technical savvy, unique moto-history and ‘aha’ moments that will inspire and captivate riders of all levels. By Kevin Cameron. Hardbound, 6.25”×9.25”, b/w illus.


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