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Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do

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Feeling safe kills. Period. And, to quote the author, “The safer cars get, the more risks drivers choose to take.” Like, for example, driving and simultaneously texting, eating, and tuning the radio.... Eeewww!! Honk!!! Screech!! Avoid!! F--K YOU!!!,…YOU JERK!!! This book presents the factors that explain why most of the driving public are, quite simply, idiots. It shows why most crashes happen on sunny, dry days, why carpools are a “good idea gone bad” and how efforts to protect pedestrians from cars often lead to more accidents. Author Tom Vanderbilt also examines European-style roundabouts, which can feel dangerous and chaotic, but actually make roads safer and reduce congestion. Riders know that bored, overconfident drivers wrapped in the isolating comforts and implied safety of their cages, and surrounded by all the distractions afforded by modern conveniences are the “single biggest problem on the road.” Traffic is about how this works and what it all means. We loved the author’s powerful analytics and page-turning style. And we ended up inferentially knowing why some interested, able persons choose to “give up riding” while others never do. Stuff always thought excessively risky turns out to be a lot safer than we think, and vice-versa. Always... Great truths here you’ll enjoy and long remember. By Tom Vanderbilt. Hardcover. 6.5"×9.5", 402 pp.


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