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Proficient Motorcycling: The Ultimate Guide to Riding Well

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The subtitle of this book is “The Ultimate Guide To Proficient Motorcycling” and that’s not a stretch. David Hough has written a column on motorcycle street smarts for over 25 years, and his vast experience is presented here in an entertaining and instructive manner that is pure informational gold for the seasoned or beginning rider. Packed with situations ranging from urban riding, to in the country, and featuring a high level of graphical explanation, Hough’s text explains the way to triumph over the everyday hazards and scenarios we all encounter. An excellent book for everyone who goes forth on a motorcycle. By David Hough. Softbound, 8.25""×11"", 256 pp., b/w illus.


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This book got me riding again Review by 7 Aces
I bought my fist bike in 2000, or at least the first new bike that was my own. Like most riders I rode in a t-shirt and jeans with little or no protection and just about the same idea of how to ride a bike. As will happen to someone poorly trained on a motorcycle I crashed. About a year later I sold that bike and left riding altogether.

Then along came a certain show about two guys riding around the world and I started thinking I might want to get back into riding. I happened on this book in the local book store and read it cover to cover several times. I then bought and read the other two books by the same author. Armed with a much better understanding of bikes and riding I bought a new bike and have on the road for three years and 30,000 miles with no issues.

I still go back to the books when I feel I need to brush up after a ride. Buy all three, they are worth more it! (Posted on 3/12/11)

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