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Snapshot Kite

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Packed away, they’ll store easily in a tank bag, saddlebag or even a pocket, ready to unfurl into the breeze (wind range 4-25 MPH) for spur-of-the-moment flight sessions. Super-fast, responsive and agile, the frameless parafoil wing design means nothing to break in a crash, it is made from lightweight and durable ripstop nylon with specially shaped ram air inlets to stay aloft. Ready to fly with pre-attached lines, flight straps, winder and tail. Solid pull and crisp maneuverability for precision, cornering and hours of flying exhilaration. Go fly a kite. Snapshot 1.2 includes 85’ of 55 lb. line and 48” wingspan. Snapshot 1.4 uses 100’ of 150 lb. line with 56” wingspan.


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