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#3330 Aerostich Mr. Happy Puppet

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  • #3330 Aerostich Mr. Happy Puppet
  • #3330 Aerostich Mr. Happy Puppet

Aerostich Mr. Happy Puppet #3330

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So your buddy pulls over in a cloud of smoke with a broken chain piled up in front of his engine sprocket and a busted crankcase. Or he throws his new scoot up the street in a cacophony of sparks and shredded parts. Whattya do? Look uncomfortably at your feet? Cringe with empathy? Hell no. You whip out Mr. Happy and lighten the mood with chirpy platitudes such as “Gee Bill, I’m sure we can find a guy to replicate that casting for big bucks.” Or “That’s OK, that bike was kind of ugly anyway, don’t you think?” Chances are that after the rider in question chases you half a mile down the road and pummels you about the head and shoulders he’ll feel MUCH better.

Be ready with a kind word and light pantomime for any downer occasion. Mr. Happy wants to help. Fits readily in most tankbags. Also good for cheering up rain-sodden rally campsites or bolstering spirits during multi-day bad weather scenarios that have eaten up most of a given vacation or ride.

(Share your Mr. Happy experiences or just see what he’s been up to by visiting his website at: or follow the antics of MrHappyPuppet on Twitter.)


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