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Make A Wish List

Exploring the Aerostich website creates a myriad of opportunities to discover new products, learn about them and read reviews of how other riders use them in the real-world. You may even uncover a new, or new-to-you, product that you didn’t know existed and now can’t live without, or something perfect for that hard-to-shop-for rider on your list. Or maybe just reveal a fresh, cool item that you aspire to own one day. Go ahead make a list, check it twice...have you been naughty, or nice?

Add to Wishlist

Use the Add to Wishlist button, each time you see something that catches your eye and make it easy to come back and share them on your next visit.

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Where can I view my Wishlist?

  1. Go to
  2. Click ‘Log In’ at the top right of the homepage
  3. Click ‘My Wishlist’ on the left side of the ‘My Account’ page

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How do I add to my Wishlist?

Click “Add To Wishlist’ located on each product page.

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Why not add some comments?

Go ahead and add comments under each item in your Wishlist. Make notes that can be seen by others you might share your list with (ex: ‘These would make a neat Birthday gift...hint, hint!’ or keep track of the size and color you want) Click ‘UPDATE WISHLIST’ to save changes.

Share with others….

You can even share your wishlist with others if they need a little help in finding exactly the right gift for you. The Share Wishlist button will be at the bottom of your wishlist within your account.

Each product page also provides the option to ‘Like’ on Facebook, ‘Pin it’ to Pinterest or email the product page link to a friend.