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Clean, simple, old school straight leg blue jeans...with a great trick: TF3 Impact armor-holding pockets at the knees (sold separately), accessed via a hidden zipper. Armor is removed or replaced in seconds, easily, while wearing the pants. All the rest is classic denim jean spec., with fit and cut similar to Levi's 501s.

Specifically, these are carefully sewn of unwashed dark blue 100% cotton 14 oz denim fabric, which is a bit heavier-duty than the more common 10-12 oz denim, but it still shrinks-to-a-custom-fit after a wash or two, which makes these pants extra comfortable and wear a lot longer.

For protektion there are three generous hidden areas of abrasion resistant Breathable-Waterproof HT 500D Nylon (…as used in many Aerostich suits) located at the seat and knees. For ‘commando’ comfort this extra-abrasion-resistant fabric is backed by soft 100% cotton.

As you’d expect there are five traditional pockets, five belt loops and a reliable metal fly zipper, too. But as you wouldn’t expect, the hidden seat-protective breathable-waterproof abrasion layer means you can sit on a freshly rain-wetted saddle and not get a wet butt. Nice!

The optional knee armor (sold separately at right or below) is positioned in the correct location when riding, and when you’re off the bike it's comfortably flexible and easily removable.

Stitching is double and triple wherever needed, and a crotch gusset provides extra ease and comfort that’s great when mounting up and also as you move around in the saddle.

Fit, quality and protection that’s quick, easy and comfortable. They’ll quickly become your favorite jeans, both on and off your bike. Made here in America. Size 32–30, 32–32, 32-34, 34–30, 34–32, 34–34, 34-36, 36–30, 36–32, 36–34, 36-36, 38–30, 38–32, 38–34, 38-36, 40–30, 40–32, 40–34, 40-36, 42–30, 42–32. Choose Black or Blue. Made in USA

Editorial Review, Gear Review Aerostich Protekt Jeans, Bike-urious
When I get to work I pull the pads out sitting at my desk. When it’s time to go home, the pads go right back in - two seconds - and I’m riding.” - Mr. Subjective 9/09

Additional Information

Additional Information

More Info
  • SAFE Unique hidden zipper knee pad compartments
  • TOUGH Tough, yet comfortable double layer denim
  • FAST & EASY Removable TF knee pad system
  • FIT Gusset crotch design
  • STRENGTH Triple stitched in places
  • STYLE Practical, durable and cool looking


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Great quality, I love themReview by Casey
These are really nice, good quality jeans. The extra cotton layer against the skin makes them very soft and comfy, while still being tough on the outside. I wear a 32x34 Levis, so that's what a I ordered and they are nearly dead on. I would note that they are just a little bit tighter in the waist than my Levis, but only after coming out of the dryer. They "get right" after wearing them an hour or so. My only grief is that they are a bit baggy in the thighs on my skinny frame, but not so much so that I don't want to wear them. The quick zip in / zip out knee armor is extremely handy, and makes riding the bike to social functions much more easy. (Posted on 10/18/16)
change pocketsReview by Gabby
I have an older pair of these jeans, without the abrasive resistant materials, and now the newer with them. I feel more confident that I'll a little safer with them now. I do wish that the "change pocket", or auxiliary pocket, was about half as bit bigger than what it is now. I take priscription medication and put the pill box there and out of the way. Can't hardly get it out, or my earplugs when I put them there. I have a regular pair that I can put my whole fist in it, for no particular reason, just an example. And no, I don't have tiny Donald Trump hands. Otherwise great, solid jeans. Glad they're made in the USA! (Posted on 8/30/16)
Blue jeans riding pantsReview by David
I had always wanted protective jeans but most other manufacturers did not have my size (36w, 36inseam). When Aerostich offered theirs I bought them knowing that they always put out a great product. They fit perfectly and are very comfortable. They are not tight like the Levis 501's. They are also not baggy like "relaxed fit". They are somewhat warmer than standard denim due to the extra layer of Kevlar. My biggest complaint is that the knee protector pockets are not deep enough. This resulted in the pads riding too high on my leg when sitting on the bike with the legs flexed 90 degrees. Aerostich does not offer adjustments so I merely took them to my local tailor and had them extend the pockets downward 4 inches. This put the pads over my knees while seated, instead of on top of my thighs. It would also be nice to have Velcro in the pockets like on the AD1 pants so the pads would not slide sideways in the pockets. The zipper pull is very discrete and the jeans look like regular pants with the pads removed. Also you can stash emergency cash in the pockets while traveling to keep it safe. Overall I am very pleased with these jeans. I would recommend them. You may not have an issue with the pads like I did but for around $25 your tailor can alter them. Or you or your wife can do it for free. (Posted on 8/27/16)
Protekt jeansReview by Richard
Nice jeans. Knee pads in correct place. I may buy a second pair soon.

2 minor issues:
1. Very dark blue for denim. I would like them to be less dark blue.
2. The waist doesn't come up as high as my usual denim jeans. I am over 60 years old and don't need low waist jeans like young women do. (Posted on 4/25/16)
High Quality exceptional customer serviceReview by Randy
Perfect fit, they do actually look like a pair of conventional jeans but offer much better abrasion protection. Very happy with purchase.
I posed a question to a Stich employee who sent me to the owners voicemail.
Later that evening Andy Goldfine called me and took the time to answer my question in detail. Amazing Company! (Posted on 12/21/15)
Knee Pockets too highReview by Chris
After reading several reviews I ordered the Protect Jeans one size to long figuring this might put the knee pockets in the right spot and I'll have the overall length shortened..
Still, they were way to high and sitting on the bike the knee pads are on my thighs. Hard to understand why after so many complaints about this it is still an issue. Pants seem to be of excellent quality and well made. Return was handled without problems and I liked the fact that I was able to talk to a courteous staff on the phone. What I really would have liked though is a pair of riding pants that work. Will try Aerostich again for other gear. (Posted on 6/19/15)
ImpressedReview by Shawn
I bought these Protekt jeans during the winter and they had been sitting in the box until warmer weather.

My normal leg gear consists of wearing Dainese knee guards underneath my regular pair of jeans.

The Dainese velcro has started to loose its integrity and stay snug around my leg. So, today I opted to utilize the Protekt jeans with knee pads.

I was very hesitant to use the Protekt jeans with the knee protection, because I was so used to the full shin and knee protections of the Dainese.

I am a big guy and I was impressed with how the jeans fit. The jeans are of good quality. They do NOT have that "stiff as a board" feel at all. Just a solid jean feel.

The knee pads were easily inserted into the knee pocket. Pretty cool! The pads ride up high on the knee and quad area when riding. I was a little taken aback by this. Again, so used to wearing a Dainese full shin and knee guard. I had to tell myself that if I fell of the bike I doubt that my knees will be in a 45 degree position!
When the jeans are not bent the pads cover the entire knee area and then some!

I like the fact that you can remove the knee pads after riding. This makes the Protekt jeans look like regular jeans. With the knee pads inserted the knee area does balloon up a bit.

After riding for several hours and working all day in the Protekt jeans I have altered my opinion about Aerostich's "motorcycle jean."

If I do take a spill from my bike, and I pray I never do, I am confident that these Protekt jeans would most definitely survive a skid or slide and prevent road rash on my legs and knees better than a regular pair of store bought jeans.

If you have not tried or worn a pair of third party motorcycle jeans I say DONT! Do not waste your money on another brand. Stay with Aerostich. They made a believer out of me and that is hard to do. (Posted on 5/15/15)
Well Made - Some CommentsReview by Mike
The jeans seem to be well made. I feel pretty confident that I'd be protected should I take a spill. One suggestion I have though is to add one or two more belt loops. I don't feel five loops are enough. (Posted on 5/12/15)
Knee pads too highReview by Richard
As with many other customers I've found that the knee pockets are way too high for me too. Normally I wear Levis 34-34 I ordered 36-36 to be sure they were long enough. They are long enough but when sitting on my bike (R1200GS) the knee pads are on my thigh and my knee is then unprotected...
I will have to wear knee protector under the jeans, exactly what I did not want to do...
I wonder when you will modify this part of the jeans after so many complaints since at least 2010...? (Posted on 2/3/15)
Knee pockets are not positioned low enoughReview by Dave
Recently ordered this product. Seems to be well made, but the knee protection pockets are not positioned low enough to provide good coverage while sitting on the bike. I am fairly tall and ordered waste size 34 and length 36. In the standing position, the knee pads seem to be positioned OK, but they sit too high in the seating position.
I've never had this problem with MC pants. I need these pants soon for a scheduled trip, so I'll probably take a needle and thread, and some Velcro and fix the problem. (Posted on 1/4/15)

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Aerostich Protekt Jeans

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