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Motorcycles OK Aluminum Sign

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That cool bike you've got sitting between your legs is officially recognized by the U.S. Federal Government as much more than an amusing toy. These are exact replicas of the signs above the HOV lanes across the freeways of California. They are a reminder that motorcycles are given extra privileges because riding them is social good. We all know that. Unfortunately most of your neighbors don’t. They’re positive motorcycles are self-indulgent toys -- Including yours. Let them know all fifty states have a totally different view, and have installed signs like these above our busiest and most congested roads to announce and declare: MOTORCYCLES OK. Officially. No equivocation. The government knows that choosing riding helps all of us, every time a rider gets on their motorcycle instead of getting into a car. (...thanks Brian)

Sign (6" x 27")


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Customer Reviews (3)

OKReview by Colin
For some reason I was expecting an aluminum sign that was stamped with raised lettering or one similar to a true street sign with white background and vinyl sticker type lettering. Its a piece of aluminum with a picture of a "motorcycle ok" sign stuck onto it. From far away its looks cool, but up close it looks like a picture of a sign. Maybe thats enough for most people (Posted on 1/10/14)
Let your spouse know!Review by George
This was a gift for my best friend. He and I take bi-annual rides to recover from the pressures of life. Our spouses are totally supportive but I just wanted to let him put a stake in the ground!
MOTORCYCLES OK! (Posted on 1/20/13)
Motorcycles OK - also works for the houseReview by To many bikes
I have two motorcycles in my living room so this sign "Motorcycles OK" works as well inside as it does outside for the HOV lanes here in California - well made sign of thick aluminum sign looks great! (Posted on 2/16/12)