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Very Boring Rally II Panoramic Photos - 28" x 8" Framed Print

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This panoramic picture is about 1000 people, 9 motorcycles, 3 dogs, dozens of kids and hundreds of puppets. The actual image is about twice as wide as what is shown here. Click the image for a complete view and a closer look. All Boring Rally goer’s — famous and infamous — are captured for all time, and each face is perfectly sharp and clear in all available sizes. If you are in this historic picture, you’ll be easy to spot, so your pals, family and future great great grandchildren can identify you. Bob Stokstad wrote it best, “A hundred years from now, when every one of us is riding at the eternal last rally, a museum goer somewhere will see the print and wonder why the hell everybody was smiling, and looking anything but bored.” The unique Black & White image was exposed on a special 6' long negative, by Doug Grosjean, with an antique 1919 rotating Cirkut camera. The full-color version was made at the same time by Bob Stokstad using several frames from a modern camera, so it is just slightly sharper and brighter. In the background there’s a cool tiny trials bike wheeling up the hillside. Wheelying. Both photographs are filled with such absorbing detail that you’ll get lost in them. And find new things every time... A fantastic, mesmerizing image. Good for covering that big crack on the garage wall, too. Limited edition. Specify Black & White or Color.


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Customer Reviews (1)

You had to be there, if not, here's a great photo!!Review by RED
If you did not attend the 2nd VERY BORING RALLY, you really missed out on what I think was the best rally that I have ever attended! This is a most excellent photo taken of everyone who decided to turn out and get their photo snapped. The photographer also used an antique circuit camera (black & white), but the color photo is easier to pick out your friends and riding buddies. Nicely framed, well packaged, and arrived in pristine condition. Highly recommended and suitable to either bore or impress. (Posted on 4/13/12)

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