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Teflon Multi-Use Lubricant

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Teflon Multi-Use Lubricant #4966

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Of all the modern general-purpose lubricants we've tried, this is by far our favorite. It provides noticeably superior lubrication for brake, clutch levers, throttle cables…waterproof zippers...and just about everything else you want to work more smoothly, too. It's neat and clean, not oily. The lubricant's secret is that it contains a suspension of microscopic (nano?) Teflon® particles in a fast-evaporating carrier.

The great lubricating properties last a long long time. The formula is silicone free, too. And it protects against rust and oxidation and doesn't attract dirt or grime. Clean lubrication that lasts up to five times longer than other lubricants. Works fantastic on all water-resistant zippers. 4 oz. Surface Transport Only

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Surface Transport Only

Waterproof Zipper Lubrication...

Waterproof zippers are much more precise than regular zippers, with closer tolerances. Occasional lubrication hugely reduces slider drag. Makes zipping much easier. (You'll feel a small difference in 'slider pull' everyday in ease-of-use and off-and-on convenience.)

Teflon "chain saver" is the best way to make waterproof zips work faster and easier. This lubricant is applied to every Aerostich waterproof zipper during manufacturing. We experimented with other lubricants -- this one is the best. (Formerly labeled as 'Teflon Multi-Use Lubricant' by its manufacturer. Why did the name change?...formula is exactly the same.)

One quick zipper application provides months of lubricant effect, even if exposed to occasional rain. So ignore the packaging. (Yeah, it is also excellent for levers, cables, latches...and even chains.) A little bit goes a long way.

- Mr. Subjective (2012)

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