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"The Man Who Would Stop At Nothing"

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The Man Who Would Stop At Nothing #5618

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Here is a book about hard-core, non-stop, record-crushing, subversive, all-weather, bad-ass motorcycle endurance riders—and in particular the peeled-back story of John Ryan, a living legend motorcyclist made of resolve, discipline, toughness and brains. Along the road you’ll meet an impressive range of other extreme riding obsessives, and gain a deeply informed understanding of motorcycling. A captivating read, impossible to put down. By Melissa Holbrook Pierson. Hardbound, 5.5”×8.3”, 208 pp.

"As I entered the back door of the lobby in Jacksonville and aimed myself toward the dining room, my eye was drawn to some activity on the other side of the glass doors at the main entrance. The exact replica of John Ryan, distinctive Aerostich and all, was dismounting from a GS. But no, this was John, with his impossible I-have-done-what-few-mortal-men-can-do, so-what-are-you-looking-at? Bearing. He inclined his head to pull off a black helmet covered with stickers. I knew that one of them read, "If I have to understand don’t bother to explain," an inversion of the common dullard's claim "If I have to explain it you wouldn’t understand." A short time before I was falling backward onto an anonymous print bedspread in a riding-induced stupor in Florida, he had managed to get the engine to light up. It had leaked so much fuel over his left leg during the fifteen-hour ride, covering 929 miles, that the dining-room staff took aside a patron at the breakfast table where Ryan had just taken a seat and asked him to "kindly remove that man" from the room. Instead, Ryan reluctantly removed the suit and put it outside with the bike.
- from The Man Who Would Stop at Nothing

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