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AP-2 Wiring Harness (AP-130R)

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Supply convenient, safe fused power for up to eight individual electronic devices, such as radios, MP3 players, GPSs and other accessories. The Centech AP1 handles up to 60 amps and allows for eight connected outputs that remain on when your bike is running, off when it’s not.

The Centech AP2 version allows for five “on when running/off when not” outputs and three “always on” outputs that remain active after your bike is turned off. This is especially helpful for devices that need to remain “live” such as radio memories and some GPS units. Made using plated contacts and stainless steel hardware, with a built-in grounding system, these units are rugged and water resistant multiple accessory wiring solutions. Their compact size (3"×2.4"×1") allows for easy installation inside fairings, under saddles and in other tight spots. Lugless terminals mean you simply strip wire ends, insert, and tighten set screws. Includes fuses, all mounting hardware and complete instructions. Neat, easy and safe.


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A fun light - I am sure t...Review by tim ferrell
A fun light - I am sure the Japanese language packaging has all sorts of funny stuff in it, but I cannot translate. If you live in a rural area, you may be able to use this light for some time before any questions are asked by the local constabulary. (Posted on 12/16/08)