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Posilock Connectors

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A unique vibration proof and reusable wire connector system that delivers a superior connection to crimping. Simple to use, only wire stripping required. Wire ends are locked between opposing cone shapes when hand tightened, resulting in a positive, strong connection. Really strong. Impossible to pull apart, but they easily unscrew for roadside service or re-use. There are no metal parts and the internal electrical resistance is less than with crimp connectors. Patented and design protected seven ways to Sunday, naturally. Color coded bodies are super tough Nylon 66 resin. These are the ultimate reusable weather tight connectors, and a great way to wire electrical accessories.


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Customer Reviews (1)

A Great Solution-Temporary or PermanentReview by ohpossum
I collected several sizes and variations of these, years ago, because I knew they would be hard to come by later. Much more dependable than crimp types, and can be easily removed for troubleshooting/maintenance.
Though the line taps do puncture the supply line insulation, they are much less likely to cut the conductors than the Scotch types.
The Posilock uses a convex, cone-shaped, internal conductor that fans out the wire ends-much less resistance in the connection.
If you are not able to solder and heat-shrink a connection, this is your next best option.
Posilock also makes weathertight versions, as well. (Posted on 6/2/11)