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Aerostich Aluminum Wheel Crate Workstand-Three-Crate

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Product Description


A much easier, better and more comfortable way to work on your bike. Perfect for all bikes up to 500lbs, which means most models less than 800cc, and all supersports sportbikes, commuters, light touring bikes, etc. The ramp-and-crate system assembles easily using three heavy-duty industrial/commercial dairy crates (not lightweight department store storage boxes) to raise your bike 11". This makes any job a lot more comfortable.

Temporarily transform any space into a motorcycle workshop – elevate the work. You’ll never go back to working on the ground again. Everything goes more smoothly when your work is slightly up and off the ground, from tune-ups to easier access for oil draining and tire changes.

When in use it’s super-stable, and after the job is done, pick it up and lean against the wall — out of the way until it’s needed again. Also great for displays, detailing and cleaning. Includes complete set-up and use instructions. Dimensions (set-up) 116.5"×48"×20". Aluminum. 25 lbs. Three Wheel Crates required (but not included).Made in USA


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Customer Reviews (1)

A really good stand Review by Adam
I picked this up recently but have used it a lot already. I own a couple different Harbor Freight stands, the kind that use a jack to lift up the bike from beneath. I had considered getting a table lift, but this proved impossible to store or move around my tight garage. This proved an ideal compromise. It lifts the bike high, holds it secure, stores easily and is light and easy to use. I just used it to complete at big bore kit on a dirt bike I own. The weight limit means anything much bigger than an SV650 will go beyond it's approve use. So, Goldwing owners need not apply. Anyhow, it's a simple, easy to use easy to store stand that makes work a great deal simpler.
(Posted on 3/27/14)

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