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Align wheels with laser beam precision, without the dead batteries or cost of a laser, or the bulk of a really long straight edge. Even slightly misaligned wheels cause weird steering and handling. This simple, easy-to-use tool is the solution for accurate wheel alignment. The easy to read dual scale can be used with a bike on a rear stand, front stand, centerstand, side stand or no stand. A fast, accurate tool that will make your bike steer and ride better. Great instructions, too. 12"×1"×.4"


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Customer Reviews (1)

Good Idea, Poor ExecutionReview by Andre
This tool is simple in concept but not simple in execution. The procedure is to add and subtract numbers on the rulers by line of sight and therefore make the measurements equal. But the execution is problematic. First, the directions are poor, and the YouTube video doesn't help much. Second, in order to use it, you set it up under the tires, you had better have eagle eyes. When one is in the front, youare so far from the rear ruler, it is hard to see. The light must be a bright sunny day and a cloudy day puts the small markings in the shadow of the bike. Second, if one has anything under the bike, like a bash plate for example, one has to position it lower and farther away to see. One needs binoculars to see the numbers. I am sorry I bought it. (Posted on 4/21/13)