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Cable Luber + Lube - Kit

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Cable Luber + Lube - Kit #4527

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Designed for use with aerosol lubricants, this device has the capacity to lubricate cables from 3/16"" to 3/8"" diameter which should cover just about anything. The included lube is specially formulated to minimize friction in control cables. Cables get dry and need attention periodically, and the degradation in feel and performance is gradual and insidious. Not only will this device keep your cables lasting longer, it makes riding less effort. Belongs in everybody’s toolbox.

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Surface Transport Only
  • For Throttle, Brake, Clutch and other Control Cables. Great for Motorcycle, Boat, Jetski, ATV, Snowmobile, Bicycle and more.
  • Cable Life is an excellent cable and general purpose lubricant that cleans, purges and lubricates in seconds. It leaves a non-drying, ultra-thin film that penetrates, lubricates, displaces moisture and prevents rust and corrosion. Special anti-wear additives help extend cable life and reduce slop. Cable Life is specially formulated to work in all temperature extremes including blistering heat, high humidity or arctic temperatures down to well below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. The cold weather protection makes Cable Life especially effective in protecting cables from freezing in the open position and in preventing snow and ice buildup on ignitions, carburetors, steering and other mechanisms.
  • Lubricates and protects even at extreme temperatures!
  • NEW Improved Design now accepts larger cables up to 3/8 inches in diameter. Two screw clamp for a tighter, more secure fit.
  • The Protect All Cable Luber directs a power injection application of Protect All Cable Life aerosol lubricant between cable and housing. It is the perfect aid to clean, purge and lubricate throttle, brake, Cable Luber Image clutch and other control cables, quickly and easily.
  • Detach one end of cable. Insert cable and housing into rubber sheath. With cable extending from Luber push housing forward until snug. Turn both screws together slowly to seat clamp uniformly around cable and housing. Then, alternate each screw 1/8 turn to tighten clamp securely and minimize leakage. Insert snorkel tube from Cable Life aerosol can into opening on front of Luber and spray for a minimum of 5 seconds.
  • TIP: Trim snorkel to desired length for better control.
  • The Cable Care Kit includes everything you need to clean, purge and lubricate cables, quickly and easily, without removing the cable from its housing.

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