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Oil Recycler Drain Pan

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Product Description


Changing the oil in your scoot is faster and neater with this low profile oil drain pan-container combo. Ultra low profile slides under the bike and the extra large, no-splash funnel screws into the neck during use and then snaps into the side of the rugged, recycled polyethylene body for storage. When the job is finished this lets you tidily drop your bike’s used oil at any dealer, garage or service station for recycling. Good clean fun. Available in 7qt (6L) or 12.5qt (12L) sizes.


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Customer Reviews (1)

DisappointedReview by Kevin
I needed a low profile pan so I got the small 7qt drain pan to get under one of my lower bikes. Looked like a pretty straight forward but when it arrived, I was disappointed.

In the photos it looks like you could drain the oil right through the large yellow funnel and into the container. That is actually just a storage slot for the yellow funnel and there is no drain hole to use it in that position. To use it, you detach the funnel and screw it onto the drain spout near the handle. This adds a few inches to the total "usable" height so it is actually the same height as my regular tub I bought from the auto parts store.

There is a guard to keep parts from falling in but it is plenty big to drop a drain plug through so not sure the point.

It also has a small lip (~1-2mm) in the casting on the inner portion of the yellow funnel so a small bit of oil can't drain back into the tub. You have to wipe it up or it drips onto the floor when you pick it the container.

One good thing is with the funnel attached, you can have the drain area right up against an obstacle. My Concours has a drain plug near the center stand so that might come in handy.

I'm sure it could work fine as a drain pan but it's not really an "ultra low profile" pan as described. Not really worth sending back but I wouldn't buy it again. If you need something low profile, you're better off just buying a cheap $5 open pan and draining that into a regular spent oil container for transport. (Posted on 6/2/15)

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