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Snider's Paint Guard

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If you like having shiny paint but ride hard, try this. The optically clear 7.5 mil thick polished vinyl works as a removable skin to protect your bike’s painted finish. Goes on easily and cuts-to-fit wherever needed (under tank bags, etc...). Reusable over and over. Applies with only water and a squeegee. Flexible and durable wear and scratch protection. Includes instructions. Three 11"×14" sheets.


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Customer Reviews (18)

Extended reviewReview by Steve
It's been two weeks since I applied the product. I had to use two pieces to cover the top of the tank on my R1200R. I left extra over the front edge of the tank where the bag straps sit. The plastic wouldn't follow the sharp bend, but with the tank bag in place, it didn't matter. Bag off, different story. At 55the wind got under the front edge and started to peel it off. I one- handed it home and used black electricians tape to secure the edge. (Posted on 5/22/14)
Works wellReview by Steve
Good product, with some reservations. Works quite well on flat or simple curves, but tricky to fit on complex curves (like gas tanks).And don't try it on a fresh wax job. The water won't flow right for adhesion. And those tissue-paper pattern sheets? Throw them away with the packaging. (Posted on 5/3/14)
Waste of moneyReview by John
I can't believe I received the same product mentioned in the Customer Reviews. I cut the sheets to fit the tops of my hard saddlebags to prevent scratching from a waterproof duffle bag. After about a five hour trip through light rain one side had blown away and the other had wrinkled up. Maybe they work in dry no-wind conditions but I threw the rest of the sheets away. (Posted on 12/16/13)
Good stuff!Review by Locke
Great stuff for under your magnetic tank bag or to protect, say, the tank from constant rubbing by a radio cord or vest plug-in. (Posted on 6/21/13)
WonderfulReview by Richard
I got this product to protect my body panels from bungee cord marks for a trip I'm leaving on today. So far I am very pleased. It cut and installed easily, even going around curves and bends and sticking very well. I'll know in about 6 hours if it works well - that is when I will be done with my first leg of trip and see how well it stays in place. So far, very pleased. Good bargain too. (Posted on 8/23/12)
Love this stuffReview by Rob
Love this stuff. Use it to protect the finish on my Triumph T100 when I strap
on the tank bag for motocamping. Have not tried reusing it as replacing it every
year has been cheap insurance. (Posted on 4/4/12)
The BestReview by Roy
Works great and very easy to apply. Have used it for years--just ordered my third package. If dissatisfied with how it's positioned, it can be pulled-up and refitted without leaving any sticky residue on the bike, or wherever it's applied. (Posted on 1/2/12)
Great ProductReview by BamaX
Definitely works as advertised. Very easy application and stays put like it was glued on. You can't even tell it's there! Take care not to clean with anything abrasive or petroleum based (goo gone), as this will permamantly dull the plastic finish. Very highly recommend. (Posted on 10/25/11)
Snider's paint guardReview by Gnome
A little tricky to get the right fit on compound bends but doable. Place the guard so the majority of the film is flat. Pinch it on the compound curves so it stands up like a mohawk. Mark the base with a sharp point black marker. Do not remove the film. Trim carefully with a razor knife. If you're careful, when you remove the excess the seams will be close enough to press together without an overlap. If there is overlap, carefully trim with scissors or you razor knife then press on. (Posted on 10/6/11)
Just OKReview by James
I've used the custom cut kits of the 3M product before but couldn't find a suitable kit for my new bike so settled for this product instead. I'm not impressed. The 3M adhesive product is so much better. This stuff works on flat surfaces but that's about it. The 3M product also adheres to curved surfaces (with a little heat). This stuff is hopeless on curved surfaces. This wouldn't be bad for $14 but for the $21 I paid with shipping it's overpriced. (Really, $7 shipping for this??). (Posted on 9/25/11)
Works Awesome!Review by Matt
Just put on the Snider's Paint Guard and it was exactly what I wanted! The stuff was a little tricky to get cut to the shape I wanted but it is a weird KLR tank. For the money and the fact that it is re-usable...complete thumbs up. Only time will tell how it stands up but so far it is a nice product.... (Posted on 9/5/11)
Works terrific...Review by Diavelo
You must be patient enough to cut the appropriate size and shape pieces, but once installed Snider's Paint Guard is terrific. I even used it to protect my taillight lenses from flapping luggage straps. Recommended... (Posted on 7/28/11)
Worked greatReview by NewWorldMan
I tried the tankslapper kit but putting a big piece was too hard with all the contours. This kit worked great as I covered the area that needed it most with a piece that I cut myself. Little bit of water and used an ID card to smooth bubbles out. Simple as that.. took about 10 minutes total. I think it will hold up well. (Posted on 6/5/11)
Works greatReview by Alan Beck
These did a fantastic job of protecting the tank of my Concours from my knees and tank bag straps. I never had a problem with them coming off unless I wanted them too, and it is great that they are indefinitely reusable. I eventualy removed them because, well, it's a Concours for crying out loud. (Posted on 1/15/11)
Hard to get "perfect," easy-to-get protection.Review by Geekonabike
I concur with previous reviewers. I was a bit frustrated I couldn't get one big piece to cover my side panels flawlessly, but in pieces (some quite small to fill gaps) I covered everything I needed to, and it stayed on fine. I needed it because my tail bag had built-in bungee cords, which rubbed hard on my side covers. With the sheets, there was zero wear after over 2000 miles. Otherwise, I have no doubt they would have worn right through my paint on my V-Strom. I have to order more because I can't find my old sheets, which I peeled off after my long trip. Oh well. (Posted on 5/22/10)
Low Cost InsuranceReview by Robert
This product is easy to apply and definitely saves your tank finish from those nasty scratches. (Posted on 1/10/10)
The film is nice and thic...Review by Greg Bender
The film is nice and thick and does a good job of protecting the paint. Applying the film is simple and straightforward...although it does take a bit of time to get the shape just right.

It is easy to apply to simple curves. But compound curves - those that curve in more than one direction - are not so easy. The thickness is good because it really protects. But, it also prevents the film from being stretched to conform to compound shapes. Nevertheless, I was able to make it work by applying more than one piece. Once in place, the wind does not seem to bother it.

I am quite pleased with this product and will use it on all of my tanks *before* attaching any tank bag. (Posted on 12/20/08)
This stuff is a cosmetic ...Review by Carl Kriesant
This stuff is a cosmetic savior! I was using a tank bag without knowing it was scuffing the paint till the first time I took it off. So much for the paint on my new bike, what a bummer....

I remembered this product while browsing another time and ordered it immediately. Arrived shortly after and installed it that day.

It's super easy put on, only requires water. It peels right off too and is completely reusable. It is a little difficult when dealing with compound curves, but you can cut it up to fit virtually any shape. When installed its virtually invisible until the vinyl scuffs, but better the vinyl than my tank.

I like this stuff so much I put it under my seat to protect the rear fender as well. It's very versatile, strong and totally wind-proof.

It can be used for other applications as well. We put it under my friend's roof rack on his car and it keeps his roof from getting scuffed up by the mounts. genius! (Posted on 9/9/08)


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