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Engineair Power Pump

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Engineair Power Pump #3570

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An engine-powered air pump designed to inflate tires using one of the engine’s cylinder as an air compressor. This premise is vaguely alarming but actually quite well thought out. A pump unit threads into one of a multi-cylinder engine’s spark plug holes, and as the engine runs/spins, fresh, clean air is pumped into the tires.

This is completely safe for your engine and its ignition system. Pulls air from the atmosphere, ensuring no gas or oil fumes turn your Metzeler’s into a Hindenburg wannabe. Kit includes a 60" quick-release air hose and 18, 14, 12, and 10 mm adapters for all spark plug openings. 12.5 oz.

Additional Information

More Info
  • Engine-Air Tire Pump 60" Hose with Quick Release
  • Engine-Air Fresh Air Valve and 18mm, 14mm, 12mm, and 10mm Adapters (Fits most motorcycles) *not recommended for late model BMW's
  • Full Instructions
  • Round Heavy-Duty Canvas Zippered Pouch (7" diameter x 1")
  • Weighs: 11.5 oz.

Not recommended for Honda ST Series motorcycles or late model BMW motorcycles because the pump adapters will not fit your cylinder head.

All Harley-Davidsons use the 14mm adapter except the Sportster which uses the 12mm.


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