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Transit 2 Two Piece Suit

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Waterproof breathable leather gear that outperforms traditional leathers. Made from GORE-TEX® Pro Shell Leather which provides all weather performance. It is completely waterproof and wears noticeably cooler under a hot sun.

This unique built-in technology is a breakthrough in and durability. In wet, fog or misty conditions it won't soak up moisture so it doesn't get heavy, and dries fast after riding through rain. The leather itself is ultra-supple, luxurious and flexible.

Inside are six easily removable TF5 impact armor systems: elbow, shoulder, knee, hip and back pads, which provide superior energy absorption with less movement restriction, so you'll ride a better protected and more comfortable.

The Transit's micro-perforated breathable leather contains a proprietary treatment that prevents it from absorbing water. Millions of micro-vents across the surface of the leather insure that during high activity moisture on your skin will evaporate through, even when the suit is fully zipped and closed. Only the finest hides are used for this processing and tanning.

Updates of the new '2' version include added underarm vent zippers, a small pocket on the right forearm that's perfect for toll-road money or ear plugs, a fold-away reflective cover over the back vent, and a near-full circumference (270º) pant-to-jacket zipper.

The main pant and jacket zippers are an all new waterproof type which further increase the Transit's functionality. Jacket sizes 38–52, short, regular and long. Pants sizes 30–44 waist, short, regular and long. Imported.

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Transit 2 happiness Review by John
By far the best pieces of gear I have ever bought for motorcycling. The price was a bit hard to bite into, but glad I did! My first ride test of the suit was 250 miles through varying rain for 4 hours. It was a flawless victory in dryness and comfort! Out of the box straight from delivery this suit performed, and outperforms everything I have ever tried, and without tweeting this and spraying down that... To end up wet anyway. The suit performed even with it warm, keeping me comfortable. If you want gear that you don't have to stop and change around, adding and taking away layers and liners, and just ride through whatever is in front of you, this is what you NEED! (Posted on 4/30/16)
So glad I pulled the trigger....Review by Frick
I had been trolling Aerostich for years looking at the Transit, and subsequently the Transit 2. Always hoping I would have the $ some day to purchase one. And over the years I watch the price go up and up, and become even more unobtainable. I really wanted waterproof and I really wanted leather. I had contemplated many other Aorostich product, but just couldn't settle. Then they got a shipment of 2's in with "Blemishes" at the same time coincidentally that I was receiving my bonus check. Miraculously my car did not require maintenance or major repairs as it has in years past. And combined with the "Leather and Lace" Sale, I was ecstatic to receive my perfectly sized Transit 2 for a not so anxiety ridden price of $1400 & Change! I am so glad I never allowed myself to settle for any of the many other gore-tex moto attire I pored over for years while making due with a $300 suit from AGV Sport (stopgap while I saved and toiled, but honestly not bad besides not being waterproof). And now I am more happy than ever that I purchased when I did, as I see the Gore-Tex laminated Leather which this suit it made from is being discontinued! I could not be more happy with my purchase!

2 months in an the suit is finally starting to break in and allowing full mobility on my daily commute. I cannot imagine using this suit on a supersport until broken in, raising my legs in my 94 VFR was like doing high knees taking off from every stoplight. But totally comfortable once underway. The Jacket feels very ventilated, while moving, and I can tell a difference in heat when sitting opposed to my 90-tastic Fieldsheer leathers I use for fun rides. Unfortunately after years of riding in spring rains (rainsuit layerd under my AGV textile Suit) it has barely rained this spring in SF, which is a shame because I am so excited to test the waterproof-ness of the Transit!
The Armor is very substantial, Level 2: Back, Shoulders, Elbows, Knees. and Level 1 Hip. It seems stiff on putting on the suit, but then your body heat softens it up an it gets very pliable. I wear my transit pants as an overpant, so I bought 2 sizes over my jean size, they fit great (could have gone one, but I figure at 36 I'm not getting any smaller). Waist is a bit big but I made a strap belt at a hardware store with a clip.

In short, if you have been on the fence and toiling over the decision to actually buy a transit. Now is the time to, unfortunately there will probably be no more deals to be had on the remaining stock, but it is fully worth it! DO IT! (Posted on 5/7/15)
love my TransitReview by Robert
I have had my Transit suit for almost 3 years, logged 60,000km in all types of weather, and I still love it. My transit is the best gear I have owned, it is so good that I gave away all my rain gear, and summer gear, the only extra gear I now carry is my silk scarf and an electric liner for the winter. With my Transit there is no need to check the weather because I know my Transit will keep me comfortable and protected for a great days riding. (Posted on 11/11/14)
transit suit- Aerostich does leather!Review by Eddie Larson
I've had a road crafter for 20+ years and the transit suit for six.
for long distance touring it is the suit I now use-it IS waterproof- sealing the next is always a challenge- but with the three finger rain gloves, and layered clothing- it keeps me warm and dry no matter how wet the weather.
Hard to believe but I think it is MORE airtight than the Road Crafter, too. (Posted on 10/29/14)
Prelim review & a few hints.Review by Doug Just Doug
I've got enough time and miles on my Transit 2 suit now to post some preliminary thoughts.

Sizing: I'm 5'9" and 168 out-of-shape pounds. My medium Darien and 34 AD-1s fit great, but my 40 RC jacket has gotten tighter over the last few years, so I went with a 42 Transit jacket (figuring the cut would be similar to the RC) and 34 pants. Both fit fine. The jacket arms could stand to be 1/2" shorter but that's no big issue. The pants fit great on the bike but feel loose around the waist off the bike. I use one of those "last chance" belts RWH sells, which works fine.

High temps: I'm amazed that this suit wears as cool as it does -- the super-duper wiz-bang coating isn't just marketing hype; it works. Upper limit for me is about 85F, particularly if humidity is high. At those conditions, all vents are open, sleeve cuffs are open, short gloves are worn (usually Elkskin Comp Ropers), and the main zip is cracked a few inches. With a wetted-down wicking t-shirt and bicycle-type shorts as a base layer, I'm good to go. I haven't noticed a difference in the airflow with the back vent's cover folded up. Interesting comparo: I own a popular Dutch leather-and-nylon mesh combo, which is only marginally cooler-wearing despite large potions of it being mesh.

Cool temps: Because of the Goretex laminate, the low temp range is determined more by layering room than anything else, although at the extreme, the lack of a storm flap on the main zip, and the low collar, are limiting factors. For me, I can fit a thin polypro base layer, adding an Aero Windstopper jersey on top; no room for a mid-layer such as fleece. Therefore, I'm good down to the low 40s. Of course, I've got a Darien/AD-1 combo in the closet; if I didn't, perhaps I'd find ways to stretch the Transit's low-end range.

Comfort: Despite feeling a bit bulky off the bike, the Transit nearly disappears while riding, which to me is a great compliment for any gear, from socks to helmets. Nothing about the suit aggravates/distracts me while riding, including the armor. BTW, I always, always zip the jacket and pants together. Research "degloving" incidents and you''ll understand why.

Waterproof? Yup. 98%. The remaining 2% is remedied by wearing a thin nylon neck gaiter, which I nearly always do anyway (why haven't more fellow Americans picked-up on this?) to lessen helmet noise, keep my cooler in summer/warmer in winter, and prevents insect intrusion as a bonus.

Kudos: The waist adjusters, the pit vents, and the small pocket on the right-arm.

Niggles: 1) The sleeve cuffs are too bulky, but not as bad as some earlier reviews had me believe. My Lee Parks Deersports and Held Steves (both have large gauntlets) fit over the cuffs OK; my Comp Ropers fit under them decent enough, though the cuffs are usually at least partially open if I'm wearing the Ropers. 2) I'd like to see the lower leg reflective/flap hook 'n' loop angled like on the AD-1 for more adjustability. 3) I own a few 2-pc. suits from other companies that zip together. Only on the Transit do I struggle with that, and it's the only one with a 2-way zip, and the largest one, too. Maybe it's me. To prevent myself from mistakenly trying to zip/unzip in the wrong direction, with resulting jamming, I (try) to remind myself "right on" and "left off."

Durability: Too soon to tell long-term, but nothing to report so far. No fading, no stitches coming undone, zipper probs or reflective peeling, etc. I'm hoping the Transit will match up to my experience (going back to the mid '90s) with other RWH/Aero suits and other products.

(Posted on 9/9/14)
No regretsReview by MT26
I am not normally much of a reviewer. However, I was just at the Portland, OR pop-up event and felt inspired to review the Transit. I have the previous generation suit (2?) with the external side adjusters but before the pit zips and coin pocket on the sleeve. While at the pop up I was wearing my Transit, having ridden in from the Gorge that morning. I chatted with another fellow who was also wearing a Transit. We both lamented not having the coin pocket on the sleeve and the extra venting. And agreed that we'd not be buying a new one just for those features (in case you were wondering, Aerostich staff at the even says there is no retro-fitting of these features on an older jacket). I was telling him how I've got about 23ish thousand miles on mine, and it's exceeded every expectation. Fits great, absolutely waterproof (and I've ridden in some serious NW "frog chokers" in this thing), and very warm. My main gripe is that it's too hot in summer. My Sprint's underseat exhaust isn't helping matters here....but even so I truly wish I had the vents underarm. The fellow then asked if I open the cuffs. Well, I've tried it says I...didn't help all that much. He asks if I've opened them up ALL the way using the over the wrist velcro. This sometimes maligned (by reviewers) velcro on the cuff has never been an issue for me as I wear my gloves under the sleeves. Anyway today (88 degrees) I tried it with the back vent open and the main front zipper about 1/3 open. Voila!! much, much better. At least while in motion. I may well be the only fool who didn't think of this, but in case I'm not give it a try! (Posted on 8/9/14)
Transit Leather Suit in EnglandReview by johnj
I bought this suit in the sale at a fantastic price.The quality is excellent, the fit is fantastic with no breaking in period. I did a 200mile trip at the weekend with a period of heavy rain and could not believe how well the suit performed. I also have a Roadcrafter and Darien but the Transit is now my first choice for any journey. As with all Aerostich products it is worth every pound spent.Buy one today you will not regret it. (Posted on 7/4/14)
follow upReview by dances with roads
I am starting my fourth season with this suit and this is a follow up...
Since I live in Colorado, the temperatures vary quite a bit - even in high summer. Temperature in the 40s to the 90s in one day are not unusual, so in conjunction with the Kanestu electric liner (the one with the vodka bladder), the suit performs exceptionally well in these conditions.

By now the suit is pretty well broken in and fits perfectly. And while I thought my previous Roadcrafter was comfortable on the bike, this leather is more so. It feels more substantial and personal.
I have found that when using the liner it is best to zip the suit together before donning the liner. That zipper is finicky, true. But to me it is a small thing - in light of the quality of the remainder of the suit.
(Posted on 5/6/14)
The Absolute Best Suit at Any PriceReview by Thomas
I have to admit I was a little skeptical buying a $1600 suit via online. But the truth is it really is better than described.
The quality is incredible. The fit goes like this: I am a 6' 215lb average build guy, this suit fits me like a glove! So if you are on the heavier side you will have to size up a little. I found the sizing chart to be dead on for me. I honestly could not believe it!
As far as cold and hot, this suit really nails it. It's comfort range for me seems to be from the 50s to the 80s. In that temp range you will be VERY comfortable. Over 80 it gets warm and under 50 you will need additional layers. Wind does not penetrate this suit. As far as water goes, forget about getting wet. It is totally dry. DOES NOT LEAK.
While heavy at first the suit has zippers that are first class and is made from very high quality leather and SUPER COMFORTABLE!!!
Totally worth the money!!!! (Posted on 3/24/14)
Still a great suitReview by Ron
This is an addendum to my 2011 review. I have now worn this suit for over 30K and cannot say enough good about it. It DOES NOT LEAK!
Yeah, it is heavy and can be hot, but as I said in my first comments, just about everything with any real protection is hot in summer climes. When you hit the pavement sliding, any number of hot, sweaty days will seem a cheap price to have paid.
If you can afford it, this is the suit to wear! (Posted on 9/19/13)
Great Suit....BUT can't be altered by AerostitchReview by Steve
After submitting my completed "Aerostitch Sizing Tool" and talking on the telephone and via email, I ordered my Transit Suit based on the recommendations of Aerostitch Customer Service. They were very helpful during the ordering and sizing process.

The suit fits very well. The jacket sleeves may be about 1/2 inch long, but other than that the waist and chest of the jacket are perfect. The pants fit perfect in the waist, inseam, and length of the legs.

However, the knee pads are about 2 inches too low. Which is to be expected because not everybody has the same makeup.

My problem is...I have talked with three different customer service reps today, and they all state that they cannot do any alterations (raise the knee pads) on the Transit Suit.... "because it is made overseas".

Aerostitch has their name on the suits, markets and sells the suits, (at a hefty cost) but refuses to stand by their product and tailor it to meet the specific needs of each individual. I am sure they realize everyone has specific body measurements since they offer alterations on their other products.

In the short time I have had the suit, I've ridden in 95* temperatures, 60* mornings and in heavy rain. The suit performs as advertised.

However, I cannot recommend this suit, unless you have the additional funds to pay for alterations locally.

(Posted on 7/26/13)
Rain (and mud)Review by Geoff
2nd trip to Argentina. First trip no rain, just dust. This time, no dust, just rain and mud. I was totally dry and comfortable but my Transit suit looks like I was rolling around in a barnyard, but again, the suit dried quickly, and was a joy on the dry days. Temperatures ran from 90 down to 45 so I started with t-shirts and worked my way into thermals. This suit just never fails to impress. (Posted on 4/27/13)
rough start but high hopesReview by 05VFR
I’ve been looking at the Transit for a couple of years and finally pulled the trigger. I’m 5’8”, 150 pounds, 31” waist, and ride a 2005 Honda VFR. Ordered 40R jacket and 32R pants. Jacket sleeves were a little long so I exchanged for a 40S. Unfortunately, the exchange was missing a back pad and the main zipper would stick. Customer service was great but they wouldn’t have another exchange jacket for about 6 months. I really wanted to like the jacket so kept it as-is hoping the zipper would loosen with wear.

The jacket fits fine but is a little roomy around the waist. I agree with the reviews about the jacket sleeves being uncomfortable and full length zipper on the pants pinching a little. I’ve only put a hundred miles on the suit and assume this will all smooth out as it breaks in. I’ll follow up with more detail after a couple thousand miles on the suit.
(Posted on 1/27/13)
Incredible SuitReview by Fletch Lives
I was a bit reticent to spend the dough on this suit, but after reading the reviews and thinking how important it is to be safe, and dry (I live in rain country - Seattle), I decided to jump.
I am 6'0", 190lbs with 33/33 pants and an athletic build. My plan was to get something sized so that I could wear clothing underneath.
I wasn't super confident about what size to get, but thankfully ended up near perfect. My jacket is a 44 and I can comfortably wear a sweater and heated jacket underneath. My pants are a 38. While I think I might be slightly better off with 36 pants, the 38's work fine. I always wear jeans with a belt and wear a second belt on the pants. The cool thing is when sitting on the bike, there's essentially no gap between the pant and jacket for cold air or rain to get in and I think the 2 belts really make that possible. So overall I am pleased with the fit. When it gets warm enough that I don't wish to wear jeans under, I'll have to see if I feel the same way but I bet it'll still be good.
The Transit is completely rainproof. I don't bother zipping the two together and after 4500 miles in it, way too much in pouring rain, I have been kept BONE DRY. Period. Bone dry. Based on that alone I am thrilled with the suit.
I essentially feel impervious to the world around me with this suit. With full pads and very thick leather, I suspect it'll protect me very well should that day come where I have a get off.
I can don and doff it quickly as well and it feels like it should last a very long time.There are plenty of other expensive suits out there that I hear are not truly waterproof. This is. I highly recommend this suit. (Posted on 1/18/13)
Addendum to: The Best Riding Gear I have ever used!Review by Kai
I just thought I would post an update to my review below. My original jacket had the shock cord waist adjustment (1st Gen Jacket). The new jacket has replaced that with d-ring and a leather pull through strip on each side. Very nice update, and a lot more comfortable than the original design.

Thank you Aerostich for making the best leather suit in the world. (Posted on 9/26/12)
This is one fine leather suitReview by L.E.
This suit is everything Aerostich claims it to be. It's a very substantial piece of leather gear. The pictures online don't do it justice at all. The armor feels great and is secure. The only thing I would change is the connecting zipper, wish it was 360 degree. This is the best suit I have ever owned. Love my Transit. Thanks for making such a fine piece of gear available. (Posted on 9/20/12)
The Best Riding Gear I hvae ever used!Review by Kai
I recently purchased my second Transit suit. My first did a stellar job for over a year, resisting the worst the elements could throw at me. Unfortunately, it met an early demise after a careless motorist t-boned me in traffic. I am happy to say the Transit likely helped reduce my injuries dramatically (no "road rash" at all, armour points protected the pointy bits). Sadly, the suit was effectively trashed, and given the complexity, I can see why they cannot repair it in house.

The crash replacement arrived just in time for my September road trip. I wore that suit for 8 to 10 hours a day for six days from Vancouver, th NoCal and back. Even in the heat of central Cali and southern Oregon, I was comfortable with the rear vent open wide, and the main zip lowered to allow air flow. Comfy indeed.

As to rain proof, yeah it is. I live in Vancouver, BC. We get more rain here in some months than some places will see in an entire year. I commute daily by M/C. I always arrive at my destination bone dry.

The suit's first real trial was a day ride back from Olympia. WA to Vancouver on the I-5 in May of last year. Poured rain the entire way. 5 1/2 hours of PNW downpour. And I stayed dry and warm.

The suit works. And is worth the price. Plus, I think it looks sharp as well. Leathers without having to look like either a Power Ranger or a Pirate. yeah, baby! (Posted on 9/14/12)
The ONE SuitReview by Black'n'White
The Transit was my fourth riding suit purchase from Aerostich. The first two were two piece Roadcrafters, the first more than twenty years ago. Along the way I picked up a Darien Light in hopes of having something more comfortable to use in the summer, but it really doesn't flow enough air. So when the Transit came along I was anxious to give it a try, especially in the hot summer sun.

I wasn't disappointed. Though a bit heavier than the Roadcrafter, and lots heavier than the Darian Light, the Transit's heft is only noticeable the first few times you put it on. And after more than two years and tens of thousands of miles, I don't notice it at all. At first I missed the large number of pockets from the other 'Stiches, but the Transit has enough pockets to get the job done. In trade I haven't lost anything in the Transit pockets yet because it's easy to check 'em all quickly. The only thing I really miss from the Roadcrafters is the sleeve pocket, which is handy for toll money, but since leaving the San Francisco Bay Area I don't need it and don't miss the commute traffic in the least. The lining in the Transit makes it easy to get on and off, and feels good against my skin if I decide to wear just a T-shirt underneath. With an electric jacket and a wind blocker fleece it'll keep me warm down to freezing. With synthetic shorts, pants, and long sleeve shirt it's comfortable (as long as I'm moving) to over a hundred degrees. I haven't figured out how to keep rain out of my collar yet, but everything else has been bone dry after a day spent in the rain.

I purchased mine large enough to wear pants and several layers of shirts/jackets underneath, so it's a bit baggy on my skinny frame. It won't win me any fashion contests, but that's the Aerostich way. My wife, however, loves the leather, and even likes the fit, especially the pants. I use a Bison Designs Last Chance belt which looks great, is easy to open and close, and may someday come in handy in case I need to rescue myself from going over a cliff.

Only three nits so far: The snap above the pants zipper pulled out of the fabric in the flap because the snap was always stiff and never eased up. The Bison belt keeps the flap in line so I haven't bothered to get that fixed. The left leg zipper is getting bad where it passes the knee. I've tried soap and bees wax to help it along, but it's time for a new zipper. It's been almost a year since the Rider Wearhouse staff commented on repairs here, and I was hoping for some good news but so far nothing. Lastly, no care instructions seem to be available. I've talked to several folks at Rider Wearhouse since the purchase and none of them can be any more specific than "use a quality leather conditioner". One of the things I really valued about my Roadcrafters and Darien is easy repairs and clear instructions on how to keep them clean and waterproof. The Transit is a vast departure from that standard, and for such an expensive purchase, I'm feeling a little anxious at this point. Just today I used saddle soap and a leather conditioning product from Griot's Garage in an attempt to get the bugs off and restore some of the suppleness to the leather. The color has faded on the front and top of the jacket and pants, and the leather near the zipper seams has lost all its color. The Griot's product helped bring some, but not all, of the new look back. It smells good, just like new auto upholstery. Sure hope I didn't screw up the breathe-ability of the perforated leather though.

At the end of the day the real question is "would you buy another Transit suit?" My answer is an unqualified "YES!". It's easily the most versatile riding suit I've ever used, it has a level of protection and padding far above the offerings from BMW, First Gear, etc. and hopefully with proper care it'll be the last suit (unless I "grow" or crash out of it) i'll ever need.

My wife also rides, and wishes there was a version more tailored to the female physique. Since her birthday is next month, I do, too! (Posted on 5/23/12)
haroosReview by Sally
This is cool! (Posted on 3/27/12)
Transit suit in tropicsReview by Mike
I bought the Transit suit a year and a half ago. I live and ride in Malaysia, where the temperature is 88 to 92 degrees, Fahrenheit, everyday. 60% humidity, and monsoon rains, six months a year. I have had a Roadcrafter for five years and love it. When I wanted more abrasion protection, for longer rides and track days, i got the Transit. I love it, not hot at all when on the road and moving. Very dry in the rain, and comfortable. Wouldn't wear it, commuting around town, but great on toll roads and up through the mountains. (Posted on 3/8/12)

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