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Watertight Med Kit .5

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Product Description


Compact enough to be barely noticeable in your jacket pocket, Courier Bag or fanny pack, yet filled with a carefully selected assortment to treat everyday bumps and scrapes. The rugged, zippered sil-nylon pouch holds a see-through waterproof DryFlex™ liner filled with 35-items, with room to spare for adding additional first aid or essential gear. 6.5"×5"×1", 3.68 oz.

Additional Information

Additional Information

More Info Bandage Materials 4 Bandage, Adhesive, Fabric, 1" x 3" 2 Bandage, Adhesive, Fabric, Knuckle 2 Bandage, Butterfly Closure 1 Bandage, Conforming Gauze, 2" 2 Dressing, Gauze, Sterile, 2" x 2", Pkg./2 2 Dressing, Gauze, Sterile, 3" x 3", Pkg./2 1 Dressing, Non-Adherent, Sterile, 3" x 4" Blister / Burn 1 Moleskin, Pre-Cut & Shaped (11 pieces) Instrument 2 Safety Pins 1 Splinter Picker/Tick Remover Forceps Medication 2 After Bite Wipe 2 Antihistamine (Diphenhydramine 25 mg) 1 Aspirin (325 mg), Pkg./2 2 Ibuprofen (200 mg), Pkg./2 Wound Care 3 After Cuts & Scrapes Antiseptic Wipe 3 Alcohol Swab 1 Tape, 1/2" x 10 Yards 1 Tincture of Benzoin Topical Adhesive 2 Triple Antibiotic Ointment, Single Use


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Customer Reviews (2)

CompactReview by David
This was much more compact than I expected but carries some useful bandages, not just aspirin and a couple of band-aids, like some kits.

(Posted on 8/22/13)
Small Tough and LightReview by Brad
Nice feather weight package. Well thought out. Tough, waterproof pouch. One of those, toss in the saddle bag and hope you never need it items. Very nice. (Posted on 2/3/13)

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