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Universal Single-Sided Swingarm Adapter

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Avoid the expense, downtime and trouble of scheduling tire changes at a shop and gain the satisfaction of knowing the job was done perfectly (and is ready just when you need it). With this balancer and a couple of tire irons (plus a bead breaker for tubeless tires) anyone can get a precision balanced tire in a few minutes.

Method: Slowly spin, mark the low spot, repeat, add (tape it on) a temporary weight, spin, mark, repeat, re-weight, spin, repeat, etc… When wheel always stops at random points, securely attach the required weights and the job is finished. Ultra-low friction bearings make the process very sensitive to the smallest change in weight for super accurate results. Finely finished cantilever frame is easier to use than a conventional stand: lock the axle to your wheel and set the bearings into the saddles on the stand.

The balancer uses larger bearings for maximum sensitivity and durability, and features a stronger and stiffer frame that doesn't flex or vibrate, and which provides more stability. This stand’s removable axle design also allows for more compact storage.

Optional cup and cone type adapter fits most wheels used on single sided swing arms. 14mm axle also allows use of standard BMW Paralever wheel adapters (available from BMW). Strong frame and a durable gray powder coated finish make this a valued shop tool that will be a pleasure to use for years. Measures 18"×20.5"×10". 10 lbs. Save time and money while getting the satisfaction of doing it yourself. Definitely a nice balance.Made in USA


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HandyReview by Nate
Used with the cantilever wheel balancer to balance the rear wheel of by BMW. End result was a well balanced wheel, just what I was looking for! Easy to use - mount the adapter and balancer shaft on the wheel, then place the whole assembly on the balancer. From there, proceed as you would with a regular wheel by spinning, placing a weight, and spinning again. (Posted on 1/1/13)

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