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Upgrade Kit for Automatic Chain Oiler System

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Upgrade Kit for Automatic Chain Oiler System #4984

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Engineered to work in conjunction with your speedometer, this unit automatically delivers precise amounts of oil to your chain as you ride. The entire system is comprised of the main display unit (the “Brain”), an actuating valve containing a single solenoid switch, an oil canister and delivery hose. When the Brain senses movement via your speedometer, it tells the actuating valve to deliver oil accordingly. The faster you go, the more lubricant your chain receives. When you stop, the Oiler stops. When you start moving again, so does the Oiler. No drips, no mess, no worrying about your chain. How cool is that? The Brain’s settings can also be easily customized to suit conditions, such as increasing oil delivery during rainy weather, etc. Oil canisters are pressurized, so lubricant is forced into the chain, rather than just dripped on it. An additional feature of the Brain is that it lets you know when the oil canister is full, ½ full, ¼ full and empty. The Oiler was originally designed for use with electronic speedometers. If you have a cable-driven speedo, you’ll need the Upgrade Kit in addition to the Oiler. Mounting brackets and clips included. Easy installation.

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