2006 Catalog Cover

Photos Wanted: Send us photos of Aerostich and Riderwearhouse gear in use, or any other motorcycling and travel related photographs or stories you'd like for possible publication in future catalogs. Email your files as an attachment to photos@aerostich.com. All photos used will be credited, so please include 'name, date, place' information. For best results, attach high resolution (large) photos with your email.

Trish & Jon Philipp Roque in the southwest. Angus Crum. Photo by Renée Crum. Steve Miyagawa at the '03 M2M (Milwaukee to Minneapolis ride). photo by Steven Pate. John Chase and James Chen outside SBCA Mike Trus and son Does this really need a caption? Kathy, big marmot, Grossglockner National Park, Austria, 2003. Photo by Jeff Crawford. Dave and Molly in Vermont. Roy & Susi Fisher in Bluff, New Zealand January, 2005 Paul Monti at Atlantic Motorsports Park, Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia (May, 2003). Photo by Rob O'Brien. Brian Kalsbeek on the road from Saigon to Dalat, Vietnam on a 110cc Honda! November 2005. John Rood (Blue darien), Craig & Rebecca Clark (Black and Black dariens), Martin McBride (green darien), Marie Waines (Hi-viz darien) on a europe trip in september 2005 Mason Huffline and some friends. 'Hanging out' atop Mt. Washington, NH June 2004. Rider: Nate Katz, Photo: Sara Katz. Jason Kaplitz Aug 2005 at Meat Cove, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia Todd Hoffman of San Diego, CA proposing to Amber on Palomar Mountain. Cindi Hines, time board for the '04 Tour de Georgia. Picture taken by SKERT aka Carol Youorski. Dale Coyner with Virginia governor Mark Warner. Kate Edminster, Kings Valley Hwy, Pedee Oregon Paul 'Hootis' Noskowiak at the summit of Mt. Evans with 'Big Bird'. Tommie & Candra Deese on a 3000 mile trip to Yellowstone National Park in June of 2004. Michael Kitchin and week old baby in the ER. 2006 Mad Run. Happy New Year from Istanbul Turkey. David Hrenchir in San Francisco. Photo by Stephanie Hrenchir. Sarah Marossy: an avid Aerostich fan and eye doctor to boot. Ron Cesaretti at the lookout on top of the dragon, Deals gap. The man's nickname is 'Larry the Roofer'. Photos are by Andrew Falk. a little humor from Betsey Kuzia (a suit at church!) Worlds first Duct Tape Darien Jacket. Created, and modeled by Bri Petroski of Seattle, WA. Nels & Mary Gebben on Wedding Day in Hudson WI with Kevin Kocur 'officiating'. Martin & Sue Wellby of the UK. Taken on October 14,2005 at Brougham Castle in Cumbria, England. Michael L. Tate's riding buddy Keegan. Sarah-Anne C. Mikles of Motor Maids Jerry Bell and Mac Carkhuff

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