Batteries, Chargers, and Monitors

“Went to garage to ride to work for first time this year. Bike on trickle charger all winter. Boots on. Riding suit on. Backpack on. Helmet on. Gloves on. Unplug charger. Insert key. Carabiner-clip garage remote to backpack strap. Turn on power to garage door. Remote button open door. Sit on bike. Back-paddle into driveway three feet. Pull choke. Turn key. Pull clutch in. Thumb button. Clicccccckkkk…clickkkk…click….

Push in choke. Paddle bike back into garage. Remove key. Remove gloves. Remove helmet. Button close garage door. Remove backpack. Remove suit. Remove boots. Replace boots with shoes. Put on lightweight jacket. Backpack over one shoulder. Drive car to work. Sit at desk. Order new bike battery. Sigh…”

- Mr. Subjective, 4-14