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Aerostich Lane Share Tool

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The deal is this: Throughout most of the USA, lane-sharing (aka “filtering”) is illegal, but that’s not so in the rest of the world. This is for civilly-disobedient riders who may occasionally want to show those stuck in backed-up traffic there is a better way.

Installation involves routing the wire between the plate rotation motor and the handlebar mounted control button. Then connecting the fused battery leads midway. Touch the button and the alternate message displays for ten seconds—then the tool automatically folds back to show your plate normally. Or, holding the button down for five seconds displays the alternate message continuously until the button is touched again. An LED next to the button indicates the alternate message is being shown..

A total of ten available message panels, including: “Lane Share Test,” “One Less Car,” “Share The Road,” “Thank You,” a Mr. Happy Puppet “happy face,” (We recommend Mr. Happy…or the Jolly Roger.) Includes a CD with about fifty additional formatted messages ready to print and use and a video installation guide. 12V. Anodized aluminum. Mounting hardware included. But deploy at your own risk. More info online at aerostich.com. 10.75"×4.5" (9" open).Made in USA

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Customer Reviews (10)

Great ProductReview by SeayakerRob
I recently installed this on my ST1300. The build itself is very solid. Excellent connectors and even the button is first class. The length of the cable from the relay to the motor really limits installation locations. Additionally, connector out of the relay comes out at a 90 degree angle adds to the challenge. I was able to get installed, but changing tail light bulbs will be difficult due to the location of the disconnect between the relay and the motor. I suppose if I had fewer relays and such on the bike, or was willing to give up the location i keep my tools it might have been an easier install, however if you are buying this there is a high probability that you already have a good assortment of other accessories on your bike :-). So far it functions well and I have had some positive comments from friend. It is defiantly an accessory you will not see every day. I give it a 4 1/2 out of 5. It would be great is they sold a 6 to 12 inch extension cable as an extra. That would have made the install a breeze. (Posted on 5/29/13)
Another use of the lane share toolReview by John
I have police escorted charity rides where we were instructed not to stop for lights or tolls. However I received a ticket for running a toll. I was able to sucessfully defend the matter in court but it was a day out of my life. If you do a lot of those types of charity runs this could be very helpful. (Posted on 1/4/13)
SuggestionReview by dratomic
Not a review but a suggestion: New sign for those who insist on using handheld devices, texting cell phones etc, deploy a sign saying "HANG UP AND DRIVE". Too bad a 2 message/3 panel version doesnt exist. (Posted on 10/5/12)
Update from past reviewReview by Southbark
Well I can now say it is a cool device and I am very satisfied with it. As for the legality of this item in California I can now attest to the fact that it is illegal in the state of California. I was stopped at a regular place that fellow motorcyclist ride to so they can ride the twisties. And this spot also is a regular CHP hangout to write sport bikers tickets for equipment. They breakout rulers and measure the distance between turn signals has to be 9 inches in California and the officer noticed my lane share tool. In the spirit of cooperation I explained what it was and he said that any device or object that can obscure your license plate from view wether unintentional or intentional is illegal. So now I have a new paperweight in the garage. and in case your wondering the officer did not give me a ticket for it (Posted on 4/19/12)
That wasn't a "Mr. Happy"Review by Hard core 'ol motorcycle bum
Last month me and the wife are on our way out to southwest Wisconsin to host our annual vintage motorcycle rally. We're in my old Dodge B3500, loaded heavy with party supplies, coolers, tools, riding gear and our bikes. Got my buddy Scott's Morini 500 on the back. We're cruising along and I'm channeling Han Solo - "Drive casual!" Don't want any entanglements with the Wisconsin State Police. This guy on a BMW passes us on the left and I give him a thumbs up, we'd rather be riding but we have obligations as the hosts of a party for 100+ people.

As he goes by his license plate folds down and he displays the "THIS IS MY CAR" sign. I was kinda insulted. I'm glad to read it wasn't intentional.

And I agree with you on the lane sharing thing. Your "be the marble" analogy is a great way to explain it. (Posted on 10/26/11)
Aerostich Lane Share ToolReview by daGeezer
All Rights Reserved © 2011 Thomas W. Day

Aerostich's Mr. Subjective once told me that laws only reflect what the majority of the public is already doing. I guess that explains the prevalence of helmet-less riders and modified exhaust systems. Those folks are trying to influence laws regulating motorcycle safety and noise, by risking their skulls and creating a public nuisance. Fair enough.

Some laws, however, don't make sense regardless of how prevalent common practice may be. Restricting two-wheel vehicles to lanes designed for 4-18 wheel vehicles is one among many such nonsensical laws. Lane splitting and traffic filtering are vital keys to making motorcycles into practical transportation. If any laws are ripe for motorcyclists' civil disobedience, it would be those that prevent motorcycles and scooters from reducing traffic congestion and optimizing the flexibility of our favorite vehicle. The Oregon Department of Transportation did a detailed study of the available information and concluded that lane sharing appears to be a non-factor in motorcycle crashes and fatalities.

Aerostich has developed a product to assist riders in lane-splitting civil disobedience; the Lane Share Tool (catalog # 3305). This clever electro-mechanical farkle allows the motorcyclist to provide an educational message (instead of a reportable license plate number) with the touch of a button for cagers to contemplate as they are stuck in traffic. The stepper-motor actuated mechanism smoothly swings the license plate holder down and displays a subtle message to the cars you are passing. Momentarily pressing the unit's push button switch ("standard mode") opens the message display for 10 seconds, after which the display closes automatically. Or maybe you don't want to be subtle. Holding the button for 5 seconds puts the unit into "maintenance mode," which displays the message until you press the button again. Anytime the unit is displaying your message, an LED on the control module flashes to remind you that your license is not legally displayed. When the circuit is disengaged, the unit stops drawing power from your battery.

The Lane Share Tool has been designed for simple, painless installation. The harness includes a couple of connector points to assist in feeding the wires to their designated points. The activation button mounting hardware allows for at least two sensible attachment tactics. All of the hardware appears to be solidly designed and watertight. Installation took me about 30 minutes and I was idiotically anal about cable routing. Thanks to the connectors, I didn't have to remove the fairing or gas tank.

Remember, lane-splitting and loud pipes are a combination that demonstrates your poor manners and lack of social conscience. Do the rest of us a favor, if you are addicted to a 13-year-old girl's appetite for attention-grabbing, don't split lanes. For the rest of you who want to promote lane-splitting as a common, legal activity, the Lane Share Tool is an interesting public education device. Unfortunately, lane-splitting and filtering is legal in only one US state: California. So, if you use it be warned that you may pay a price beyond the Lane Share Tool's $157 price tag. (Posted on 8/5/11)
Just like Bond, James BondReview by Mr. Stalluddo
On group rides, worth the money on the grin meter. You only live once, and my life is bikes, so had to have one. (Posted on 7/8/11)
Customer ServiceReview by customerservice
We looked for state reg’s prohibiting selling this, and found one in CA. All full size 70’s GM autos had the gas tank filler behind a flip-down plate holder so we’d expected that this would be legal to sell everywhere.
Customer service (Posted on 6/24/11)
IronicReview by MadDogXR
Ironic that the product is not for sale in the only state in the nation that allows lane sharing. (Posted on 6/2/11)
Cool Product Needs more signsReview by Southbark
Yes i am one of the five people who bought this and I live in ca where there no laws for or against lane sharing it just sort of happens. As a matter of fact according to the ODOT study the CHP say it embraces lane splitting. To bad other states do not follow Ca example. As far as the product I love it I got the happy face.it works great and when closed except for the motor on the side you can not even tell it's there. I had problem with button placement on my Versys. Wish there was an adapter to mount it to the handlebar. Also wish they would include all the signs with the package. One more problem I found was that when connecting to the battery the connecters are thicker and you may have trouble screwing them on to the battery if you have more then one device connected.the battery screw will not screw in to the washer underneath it. I used a toothpick under the washer on the battery to be able to screw the screws in withe the lane share tool and the battery tender connections attached to my battery. Other then that it works great looks good and is really cool (Posted on 3/3/11)


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Product Videos


Be the Marble: “Fill a bucket with baseballs, and there remains room for a lot of marbles in the interstices. When the baseballs see a marble rolling past and get irate they have two options: Accept the marbles, or demand action from the authorities. Both favor us marbles. If they accept us, fine. If they call their legislators and city council persons complaining, a public debate ensues. When that happens, the marbles have a chance for justice. If enough marbles are civilly disobedient, eventually things change in the marbles favor.” -Mr. Subjective
2011 LST Use Update - I use the LST only occasionally. "But when I do..." (channeling both the famous Dos Equis beer and MasterCard ads), it's "priceless". For example, last week I was riding back to Duluth from Chicago, which is an eight hour trip. All on interstates. About half-way I slowly came up on a full size older van with a motorcycle on a carrier across the back bumper (like a bicycle, but resting on it's wheels). There were a dozen small stickers on the back windows of this van, and the bike was an old 1970's Moto Morini 3 1/2 (three and a half). As I rolled by alongside, without slowing...our speed differential was probably five mph...the driver gave me a 'thumbs up' sign in his window. Hard-core ol' motorcycle bum. Inside my helmet I smiled and thumbed the Lane Share Tool button -- and presumably he watched the license plate flipped slowly (about 4 seconds) open and a 'mr happy' smiling face was displayed in acknowledgement. The distance between us increased and I continued moving away. A few seconds later the plate moved back into the regular position and I was 'gone'. Big fun. -Mr. Subjective