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Aerostich Competition Silk Scarves

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A classic silk scarf should be soft, thin and slippery — so you can wrap one around your neck, close up your jacket and rotate your head and neck all day in draft-free comfort, without chafing. These luxurious 100% natural silk scarves are handmade of a soft, dense weave that’s perfect for riding. No synthetic fiber is warmer, softer, stronger, or more durable.

Silk provides maximum comfort across every temperature range: warm and draft-blocking when cool, and refreshing when worn wetted during hotter conditions. When you’re traveling this durable silk washes perfectly in any sink, too — even with a simple bar of hand soap.

The Standard Scarf model is medium weight silk of sensuous softness, and measures 14"×72". The Competition Scarf model is similar to the standard model but two layers thick, and it is a bit narrower and shorter. It measures 10"×60". Both are premium quality, long lasting pure silk that will keep the wind, rain, dust and snow from blowing down your neck, and will pack away ultra-small inside any pocket.

No other neckwear works this well, or looks this cool.


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Most Surprising Product I've Ever Bought.Review by Olaf
Now I know why the pilots of old insisted on silk scarves. This is the best product that I've bought in a long time. Super comfortable. I wore it for my early May all day ride from the US border (where I picked up my Aerostich parcel from a mailbox service) to northern British Columbia where I live. The temperature was between 0-5 degrees Celsius and this scarf kept my neck comfortable, warm and scratch free from the wool sweater that I was wearing under my Darien Jacket. The scarf looks cool too--and my lovely fashionista 22-year-old daughter wants one (she doesn't dare touch my scarf). The scarf is real silk so it folds up to a tiny volume. One warning: keep the scarf away from the 'hook' strips on Velcro. The hooks grab the silk threads. Highly recommended. (Posted on 5/9/17)
Love my Aerostich ScarfReview by Richard
Just did a ride using my Aerostich silk scarf. Works great. Always had trouble wearing my Vanson leather jacket. My neck always chafed and felt uncomfortable. No more. Thanks Aerostich.

Rich Swier
Lieutenant Colonel
U.S. Army (Retired) (Posted on 2/24/17)
NiceReview by David
Simply a nice well made silk scarve. I don't know what to write about it. It's very silky, cuts the wind and feels great. (Posted on 2/9/17)
Classy and functionalReview by Alan
I bought the Competition Silk Scarf to complete my outfit for the Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride. Not only does it look dapper, it's extremely functional as well -- as I discovered when riding out with morning temperatures in the 40s. It's a great addition to your riding gear, fancy or not. (Posted on 9/29/16)
Deceptively usefulReview by Robert
Used it on a chilly ride home from work. I have a retro-looking full face helmet with a bubble shield, cafe style leather jacket etc. so I wrapped it around my mouth and neck. I was pleasantly surprised by how warm my face and neck were given how thin it is. I bought the white competition version for the whole retro style thing but it actually does what it says! I only wish it was a little longer so I could tie it better but I'll manage it somehow. (Posted on 4/11/16)
classy productReview by Austin
I ordered this product to use as a gaiter under my ride jacket...turns out it is very classy and I wear it all the time. worth the money (Posted on 12/26/15)
It's all been said beforeReview by Mark
Just like other reviewers, this (I got the competition) is a great scarf. You'll wear it a lot more than you would have thought. (Posted on 12/11/15)
I had no idea how great a silk scarf could beReview by David
I put 18,460 miles on my motorcycle in 2015 (so far). In 51 years of riding, that's the most cycle miles I've ever done. And, to be honest, this was a miserable, rainy year too. The one part of my body that needed better protection was my neck; above my Aerostich Darien jacket and below my Schuberth helmet. I've tried all sorts of bandanas and tube style neckerchiefs but each of those has a fault; a tightness here, a discomfort there, a big knot behind my neck, etc. etc. So imagine, after all those miles and all those years of riding how incredibly pleased I am to find the comfort, warmth, versatility and style of a black, double layer silk scarf that comes with instructions to help tie it a half dozen ways; simply, quickly and perfectly. Well done, Aerostich. I love this thing. (Posted on 12/9/15)
best scarf you'll buyReview by LCL
i tried to purchase the regular scarf, but that was sold out. i read the reviews for both types. i was hesitant about the length of the competition double-layer scarf, based on reviewer concerns. i ordered 2 black competition type scarves to keep or gift away.

i'm happy to report the scarf is fantastic. the length is extremely long, the two layers feel absolutely luxurious. black so i won't see my sweat. keeps cool despite its thickness. i'm in SF where gusting fog not fun, this scarf keeps it off my neck.

please make glove liners like this!!! (Posted on 9/25/15)
Ogri would be proudReview by Gareth
Ogri (google him) would be proud to wear this iconic scarf on his Black Shaddow...
Super product. (Posted on 8/31/15)

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Mil-spec 'big H' history...

Silk was so important that its trade probably changed the world history more than any other technology. The famous 'Silk Road' connected Europe to the Far East during the middle ages, and this brought together global knowledge that advanced civilization and helped begin the renaissance.

Strategic military considerations, not demand for fashionable garments, caused the establishment of this trade route. During the middle ages front-line soldiers lived, traveled and fought wearing coarse tunics and outer uniforms. Silk scarves allowed soldiers to close their protective battle (and outdoor survival) garments tightly around their necks without chafing or discomfort, so they could fight better and travel farther. This was a true battlefield advantage.

As recently as World War I this remained so. Early planes and cars were all 'open cockpit'. Soldiers still lived and campaigned outdoors for weeks at a time, and this meant wearing heavy gear. After the war civilian pilots, race car drivers, motorcyclists and movie idols (Douglas Fairbanks, Errol Flynn...) further enshrined silk scarves as garb synonymous with bravery, courage and endurance.

Then airplanes and cars became enclosed and military dress adapted. Soft, slippery scarves became unnecessary. Silk's swashbuckler history and function was not only forgotten, it became a laughable cliché. Something only worn by old men.

The last vestiges of the silk scarf's centuries-long military role evolved into the fashion of men wearing neckties with their sport coats, blazers and business suits. Silk scarves had become decorative neckwear. (Now you know where neckties come from.)

That's sort of a sad ending for such an important habiliment -- except once again riders have rediscovered how great these scarves work when worn with modern riding gear closed tightly around one's neck. Once you've tried wearing one, you'll never look back. Make some history.

- Mr Subjective, 12-29-13

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