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Flat shock cord straps that minimize pressure and maximize friction. They won’t accidentally “roll” to either side like a conventional round cord. Stretchier and stronger cargo securing technology. Durable 100% natural rubber core and a tightly woven wear-resistant polyester sheath. Built for extended outdoor use. Classic uses shatter resistant Fastex® buckles that won’t scratch your bike’s paint (3/4" wide / Adjustable Classic is 1" wide). Universal uses a strong, safe, shank-hooked super bungee (3/4" wide / Adjustable Universal is 1" wide). All Classic ROK Straps are sold in pairs.

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Additional Information

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  • Versatile - Just slip or wrap the ends around the selected anchoring points and wrap the strap over your luggage and you're off ... Look ...Stronger.
  • Quality materials and good mechanical connections ensure these are the strongest elasticized straps you will use on your bike. Safely holds 65lbs (30kg) in a straight pull, or 130lbs (60kg) when looped over cargo.
  • Choice of Lengths. Choose from four tailored lengths to suit your luggage size and shape.

Superior Design Qualities

  • Unique flat, tough shock cord minimizes pressure on goods, reducing marking, damage and roll-over.
  • Solid core of 100% natural rubber, which offers the best blend of tear resistance and oxidization, and extends the working life of the strap way beyond that of multi-fibre cores.
  • "Double stitching" ensures that the strap and buckles stay firmly together, minimizing the chances of breakage and recoil.
  • Interlocking buckles last the distance and are gentle on your goods and paint work - reduced scratching and recoil.
  • Tight-knit polyester braiding for greatest fibre strength, U.V. resistance and wear resistance, and to further protect internal rubber from deterioration.
  • No metal in our straps, so there's never the chance of rust stains or damage to your bike's bodywork.
Length Maximum Stretch Recommended Safe Stretch Typical Application
12" (300 mm) 17" (430 mm) 15" (380 mm) tying a jacket to your handlebars
18" (450 mm) 31" (780 mm) 24" (600 mm) tying gear onto the top of your luggage rack
24" (600 mm) 45" (1150 mm) 32" (820 mm) tying a sports bag to the back of your bike
30" (750 mm) 54" (1400 mm) 42" (1050 mm) tying travel gear to the back of your bike
Adjustable 62" (1600 mm) 58" (1500 mm) tying any luggage down on your bike, minimum length 18" (450 mm)


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Customer Reviews (10)

ROK Straps ROCKReview by Pete
These are the world's best luggage strap for a motorcyclist. I recommend the longest adjustable with rubberized hooks. Flat, no rolling. Easy to cinch ~stays in place. Buy a set- you'll see- these ROK straps ROCK! (Posted on 1/20/15)
Best Straps hands downReview by Jim
I used these on a 4000 mile trip from Texas to Jersey and these straps held all the gear securely, no flapping and No Scratches from hooks! Easy to get gear on and off without having to remove the straps making getting started the next morning so much easier. They make thinner Straps as well, good for bundling that jacket liner when not needed. (Posted on 10/25/12)
Adjustable StrapsReview by Rototiller
After messing with attaching and keeping track of bungee cords and nets the Adjustable ROK Straps makes life easy. On a Multiday Rally were I'm removing my bag every night to carry into a hotel I no longer have to worry about where my straps are and are they secure to the bike. I keep an extra set in the top case in case I need them for those trips to the store. (Posted on 10/1/12)
The Best ...Review by Traveling USA
ROK adjustable straps are the best since mom stopped slicing bread in 1945 (Sliced bread might still be number one). I travel all over the USA; have several sets to use on my Ultra and also on my Bushtec trailer. No worry about being the correct lenght. No worry about one snapping back and hitting an eye (seen the results of this problem on several bikers); Compact and easy to always have ready for the haul... (Posted on 9/29/11)
Once you try them, you won't go backReview by Musclefixer
Got the small adjustable ones at the bike show in Long Beach a few years ago. First few uses caused me to think, Dang! Why didn't anyone think of these before? Ordered a couple of the thicker ones.
Only thing, KEEP THE ENDS AWAY FROM A HOT PIPE, OR THE REAR WHEEL. Cause of this, I have shorter straps.
No problem, I'll use them for my bag, but on larger things that need to stay strapped, I have ordered the larger ones. As was stated before, pricey, but worth every penny. (Posted on 1/24/11)
Buy the adjustable one!Review by Anthony
I bought the 18" ones thinking they would stretch like a regular bungee. I was wrong, these are far from the old round guys. They don't stretch much so your stuff stays put. Love the 4 I have and going to buy more of the adjustable ones for more versatility. (Posted on 11/5/10)
Great designReview by Scruff
I've used bungee cords for 32 years and thought they were fine until I finally got some of these. No more working to protect my bike's finishes from the bungee metal hooks, and no more cussing at the bungee hooks when they snag on things they shouldn't and miss hooking on things they should. Even my wife recognized how cool these flat adjustable straps work. Excellent design that just works better than a bungee in every way I can see. (Posted on 6/13/10)
Much better than cargo bungeesReview by Gayann
I have used cargo bungees for years on my Vespas - the hooks scratch my luggage and often bounce off. These Rok straps have made packing faster, easier, and much more secure. When I need to unload a bag to fuel up (under the seat on Vespas), it is a simple snap, click, instead of struggling with 6 hooks of cargo bungee. LOVE these - no more expensive than a good cargo bungee, but much better. (Posted on 3/30/10)
Great strap!!Review by PATRICK
I went with 2 of the adjustible straps and love them. Easy to sinch down and pop loose, makes for fast loading and unloading. This is one of those products that once you use it you will wish you had bought them sooner. (Posted on 12/9/09)
Expensive and worth itReview by Nils
Someone on ADV raved about these, and I needed some tie-downs to keep in the top case, so I went for it, despite the breathtaking price. I was not disappointed. This is not just another cam-buckle strap. I used two of these to attach a pretty full dry back to my V-Strom and they worked perfectly. Never wiggled at all, no ling tails flapping around, and the best part was the two-second removal and replacement of the bag during the trip, Once these are positioned for your load, they stay there till you remove them. Easy to use, very secure and confidence inspiring. Fast. Totally worth the cash. (Posted on 10/9/09)


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