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Aerostich Tank Panniers

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These tough, semi-rigid containers keep your load low and secure. Extremely handy for day-to-day use with or without a tank bag, they fit a variety of unfaired motorcycles. Detailed for a sleek look and functional design, and a great value for the price. Constructed of tough, water resistant urethane coated 1000 Denier Cordura nylon with an adjustable mounting system: two padded, two-inch wide, hook & loop closed webbing straps plus two adjustable bungee shock cords. Hook & loop attached neoprene tank pads protect your paint and eliminate slippage. Removable plastic inserts shape and define both of the bags. The panniers also feature two pockets along the rear panels for small items like pencils and a tire gage, several 1" web straps for attaching additional items, and 3M Scotchlite reflective material on the front and outside panels. Specify Black or Hi-Viz. Standard (12"×9"×5", 8.8 Liter, each) or Competition (12"×7.5"×4.5", 6.6 Liter, each). USA. Made in USA

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Tough, long lasting and adaptableReview by DaFoole
Not sure when I bought these but it was quite a while ago. They have lived on a 92 and 06 KLR, R100GS, 02 BMW GSA, V-Strom, 90 R100 Paris/Dakar, 07 BMW GSA, a DRZ 400 with an IMS tank, 06 Triumph Tiger and currently a Super Tenere'. They have also seen use on the Ural. They were adaptable to all these bikes with a bit of fiddling. All bikes had a tank bag of one type or another. The panniers have been in all weather and have close to 300,000 miles on them, almost all of these miles overloaded and sometimes stuffed to the gills. (Hey, I ALWAYS carry too much stuff...) I use them for necessities (tire irons, tire repair kit, 1st aid stuff, toiletries, gloves, rain gear) to prevent forgetting these items when taking a different bike. Easier to slap on the panniers. Over the years they've developed a nice patina (gray with ancient and new bug splats) but all the seams are solid, zippers work fine, the shock cord and plastic hooks supplied are still going strong after being stretched unmercifully 1000's of times. They are NOT waterproof so use ziplock bags accordingly. A bit bulky and uncool if you're a Starbucks kinda rider, but still cool in a dorky kinda way... Some riders will see them as adding a bit of gravitas to your ride, others realize you just can't pack light... As others have noted, they provide a fair amount of wind protection to your knees in colder weather...or make them hotter when it's 100+ degrees out. Priced higher than the competition but made waaaay better than the competition. (Posted on 11/25/16)
QualityReview by 96 DR Suzuki SE
Over the past month I have purchased two sets of these Tank Panniers. I have an old 96 DR 350 that the regular size work great as throw over saddle bags and the Competition work great as tank bags on the oversize fuel tank. Perfect Dual Sport bags, I have put so far over one thousand miles (mostly highway) with the bags in place no issues at all. Well worth the price compared to other bags on the market and you can't beat the quality. (Posted on 7/28/16)
Finally some tank bags that work on my KLR IMS tankReview by Joseph
Great set of bags for my 2001 KLR with oversized IMS tank. Fit perfectly, with out blocking my legs, but do work well for blocking a little wind. Love the Hi-Viz color.
(Posted on 1/4/16)
Competition Tank PanniersReview by Tom
I have had the black (yellow wasn't available then) Competition Tank Panniers for a very long time! They fit my KLR perfectly, and add some wind protection. They aren't waterproof, so I either use Zip-Loc bags, or only store stuff in them that can stand getting damp.
Overall, I LOVE them! I just wish they were hi-viz!!! (Posted on 9/29/14)
Tank PanniersReview by Colin
I bought these Panniers for my 2014 Ducati Multistrada Granturismo. They fit well,the straps closer to the rider did not want to go perpendicular with the gas tank. let the straps go the way they wants to on an angle up and over the gas cover. The configuration of the tank dictates this. After securing the lower straps they hold there position well. (Posted on 6/27/14)
Tank PanniersReview by Hal
I have had the tank panniers on two bikes. I like that they carry weight low and forward, and that they shield my shins from the wind and rain. (Posted on 2/15/14)
Extremely Functional Tank PanniersReview by Zorro
Bought the full size black set of panniers several years ago, when they were on sale, plus a discount on shipping cost. A truly wise investment. They are now standard, necessary riding equipment on the BMW R65. They are easy to load with the plastic inserts holding their shape. Now I put the heavier camping gear and air pump, tools, and parts into black plastic bags, just for extra rain protection. Keeps a heavy load low and forward, which has improved bike handling. The wind protection in colder weather improves leg warmth and drier legs while driving in rain. The bags are easy to put on and remove. The Velcro straps that span the tank clear the gas cap. My tank bag sits very nicely above, with its' own pockets, so I don't have to ride with anything in the pockets of my riding clothes. (Posted on 2/14/14)
Areostitch Tank PanniersReview by Duane
These panniers (in my opinion) are very nice. I use them on a DR650 w/aftermarket large tank. These bags have a wide range of adjustability. Took me a bit to get the fit I desired and while on a 10 Colorado (mostly off road) excursion, no real rain, but river crossings were involved, these worked great. Didn't move a bit (crashed once too, during a river crossing). I have long legs and while seated for a period of time, I slid back in on the seat, but small compromise for all the plusses the added for me. Wind protection, and I rode in some sort of cold (35ish later in the days). Though not water proof, I plastic bag my contents anyway, they held enough to help out a lot. very good product. (Posted on 1/19/14)
Aerostich Tank PanniersReview by Tim
Ordered the Tank Panniers to install on my R1200GSLC. They fit very well with some adjusting. The bags do not move at all and offer more wind protection. A great addition for more storage space. Very happy with the product. (Posted on 10/9/13)
Non standard applicationReview by Austin
I used these panniers and attached them to the front side of the bag guards on my BMW R1200RT. They were the exact size to fit inside the opening. Mounting took a bit of 'engineering' but they mount securely and provide additional storage for water bottles, covers, first aid kits, etc. They functional well, don't get in the road of the driver and keep additional weight low on the bike (Posted on 9/3/13)
Skookum bagsReview by Brian
In the Chinook trading language here in the Pacific Northwest, skookum means strong and good.

That fits the Aerostitch tank panniers. Their simplicity makes them very practical in use and appearance. What a breath of fresh air to have a product that is totally utilitarian without the clutter of goofy graphics and busy, unnecessary pockets, straps, etc.

What you get with the standard panniers are huge cargo areas each side that keep touring weight low and forward. Water, fuel, tools, parts, camp stove, etc. Not only does it keep touring handling to a naked bike feel, but it takes lots of weight stress off the rear sub-frame of my venerable BMW R60/6. In position, these bags hold firmly, resting against the tank sides on large sheets of dense, black foam rubber and secured at the bottom by adjustable, fabric bungi cords.

I had some question as to whether the panniers would hang down to the airhead cylinders and whether they would give enough room for my knees, for a six-footer. The over-the-tank two straps are extra long, but in my case I had to take up most of the slack via the Velcro adjustments and the panniers are well above the cylinders and forward of my knees. I could cut off the excess strap ends, and they are cross-sewed every inch for that purpose, but I wish to retain future options for use on other machines, or for the use by friends.

The construction and material quality is outstanding. These panniers are evidence of what a small, dedicated group of people can accomplish when allowed to do what is right. These are well engineered and thought out.

You could find cheaper tank panniers, but for the cost of lunch you can have what to me seems to be the best. These bags are the black standard size, better than the "competition" size for touring. If you were "uncool before uncool was cool" then these bags are you. They give my R60/6 a nerdly, mule look. El Rodento is now ready for the deserts of Southeast Oregon, if only the man will give me some time off!
(Posted on 8/19/13)
Water Proof Covers and/or Drain Holes Review by James
Very durable and handy bags.

Since they are not waterproof, might I suggest optional waterproof covers or drain holes (grommets) on the bottom of the bags? (Posted on 6/15/13)
Panniers not up to snuffReview by Sandy
I returned these panniers. They did not fit on on my F800, and, even if they had fit, they would not have allowed for a tank bag. While they appeared to be weather resistant, they weren't waterproof. (Posted on 3/8/13)
Tank PanniersReview by Zorro
To new to write a road test. These panniers are a much greater quality than a previous set that went with a sold motorcycle. Just the fact that there are instructions to treat the bags with products that will increase their longevity is a nice touch. Appears to be a well thought out suspension system with soft materials that will come in contact with the motorcycles' tank. Plus they will be helpful in diverting cold wind and rain. (Posted on 2/27/13)
Nice bagsReview by JohnnyC
I use these bags on a Gold Wing because I saw another GW rider with them. They rest on the passenger floorboards and are bungeed in-place with the straps going over the seat. Nice bags for certain. The straps on the seat don't bother me. They provide storage for lots of stuff on long-distance rides. One minor negative is it is hard as hell to open the zippers one-handed - as in on-the-road to get out snacks. (Posted on 1/4/13)
Tank PanniersReview by Greg
This is my third pair. My first two are the larger size. I am now trying the "sport" size. A great way to increase carrying capacity and VERY well made. (Posted on 12/26/12)
Great Birthday Present!Review by Barbara
These bags were ordered as a surprize bithday present for my husband and he loved them! His old ones were faded and the stitching was starting to dry-rot in places after four years of use in all kinds of weather. He has them on his bike (over the tank of a yellow BMW GS-1200) and is a happy man! For those who have never used this product line...they are made very well and are easy to attach with the bungee straps. They are roomy enough to fit his tools, GPS, phone, towel & visor cleaner and even a bottled water and snack! (Posted on 10/9/12)
Great birthday present. . . If I do say so myself.Review by Toddzilla
I bought these for my wife for her birthday, for her, new to her, F650GS.
What a loving husband, she loves them. . . . . . . maybe I could use them sometime. (Posted on 8/28/12)
unbeatableReview by gsweave
Ten years, 150,000+ miles, color now = character, beer holding, oil/brake fluid, tool , hydration pack holding, adjusting to any of the seven bikes in the barn.

Bottom line, BEST piece of kit I have ever bought .

I Know these will provide ten more years of outstanding daily service.

Thanks Andy!!!!

weave (Posted on 8/15/12)
Panniers for Suzuki DL 650Review by Motodoc42
I added these to my 08 Suzuki DL650 and I'm very pleased. I have the Givi engine guard and they fit just behind it. The Velcro straps work well and allow refueling without a hitch. I also us a magnetic tank bag. The panniers bungee to the front of the Givi guard and a zip tie loop to the frame. I'm 6' tall and there's room for my knees even with knee pads in place. I can see this item will greatly extend the versatility of the V Strom. An unexpected benefit, is added wind and weather protection. (Posted on 8/3/12)

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From the start we were always afraid to tell our customers these were sized specifically for carrying two one gallon cans of gasoline, because we thought recommending this would be dangerous, so they were never presented this way in any Aerostich catalog. We never ended up using them for that ourselves. They were introduced in 1988, because back then nobody else made anything like them, and we did think someday we occasionally might want to be able to carry some extra gas.

Sales were low at first but later they became more popular and others began making similar ones. One company even made an exact ‘reverse engineered’ copy after taking the pattern from one of ours. What made this especially funny was that company not only stole the design stitch-for-stich, but also lifted the product description word-for-word from our catalog directly to theirs.

Today there are lots of different tank pannier choices, but these remain popular. Their simplicity, many functional details, high quality and general versatility are why. People have hauled just about everything in them, all over the world. They fit a lot of different bikes well, and have become a minor classic.