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  • Zero Below Zero Bike Arrived

    The Zero FX Electric Motorcycle that we will be testing as part of what we are calling the Zero Below Zero project arrived here at Aerostich today, December 22, which also happens to be the Winter Solstice, meaning it is the shortest day of daylight for the year. The crate arrived on the loading dock shortly before noon today and like kids on Christmas morning we anxiously took to the task of setting it free from boxed constraints. Arriving on our loading dock from California, there are a few Northern Minnesota farkles we want to add (heated grips and accessory cords for Kanetsu heated gear, etc...), then it will be acclimated and ready to be unleashed on the snow covered streets of Duluth. This project is sure to be fun, and challenging...but also will be a great opportunity not only to test the durability of running an electric motorcycle in the harsh and cold Minnesota Winter as well as the viability of how, when riding with a properly set-up motorcycle and the right mix of riding gear, that year-round daily riding is a Ride Everywhere option in the real-world. More to come, we hope you will follow along on this everyday riding adventure.

    Zero Below Zero Bike

  • What is Zero Below Zero? (...Origin)

    Zero Below Zero

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