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Wash-in re-waterproofing treatment for all breathable waterproof clothing. It saturates the stitching, fabric, and zippers making a noticeable difference. Hand or machine wash in. 10 oz.

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Additional Information

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Top Loading Machine

  1. Place clean item(s) in washing machine.
  2. Put Nikwax TX-Direct into machine's dispenser.
    1. Use 1 full bottle whether doing a one piece suit, two piece suit, or just the jacket or just the pants.
  3. Select Heavy and Warm cycle with low to medium water level; start machine.
  4. Complete rinse cycle.
  5. Drip-dry or tumble dry on low - or no - heat.

Front Loading Machine

  1. Remove all detergent build-up from the machine's dispenser.
  2. Place clean item(s) in washing machine.
  3. Put Nikwax TX-Direct into machine's dispenser.
    1. Use 4 capfulls whether doing a one piece suit, two piece suit, or just the jacket or just the pants.
  4. Run machine at 40 degree Celsius Synthetic cycle and slow spin.
  5. Drip-dry or tumble dry on low - or no - heat.


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Nikwax Wash and Wash-in repellant Review by Bob
Have used these products time and again on Old Blue, my 'Stitch which has over 100,000 road miles on it. I'm always surprised how clean it gets and have never gotten any soak through or seepage after using the wash-in repellent despite having gotten caught in some real downpours and long road miles in the rain. Will buy it again when the time comes. (Posted on 2/28/17)
Dry and cozy everytimeReview by greenfire6
Been rolling with Darien jacket and pants for over 25 years.

I treat the above garments once a year with TX Direct Wash-in immediately after washing with normal laundry detergent followed by hang dry. (Top or front loaders have equal performance).

Interim "washing's" are nothing more than hosing the garments down with a garden hose while they hang on a clothes line.

Dripping wet outside, dry and cozy inside during every wet ride.

BTW... I ride a Sport Touring BMW so I am a bit exposed to the elements. (Posted on 9/12/16)
Wash-in repellant worksReview by mike
i used this wajj-in per instructions and it revintalized the jacket with rain repellent. (Posted on 6/28/15)
NikWaxReview by Ed
Used a lot of this on my Roadcrafter and Darien suits. Bought the lady a new Darien outfit so we are going to wash and treat it with this product. I have never had leak problems with my Darien clothes using this product. It also keeps my Roadcrafter more water resistant than usual on long wet days in the saddle. (Posted on 6/23/15)
Great Product!Review by John P
Needed to revive the water repellency of my Darien pants and Goretex North Face jacket for a longer trip I took this summer. Washed both with Nikwax Tech Wash (another great product) and then with TX Direct. Had not done this to either in 12 plus years, usually just sprayed with Camp Dry with minimal results. Rode in a steady rain, sometimes heavy from Lincoln NE to Milwaukee WI and was bone dry. Could not have been happier or drier! (Posted on 1/15/15)
Didn't work for me :-(Review by Mustangx3
Well, washed with the Tech Wash, didn't do much to clean the suit, washed again and again until finally seemed cleaner than it was. Did the TX.Direct wash-in thing, etc. In the rain, the suit doesn't bead water and continues to leak like there's no GoreTex at all... my Roadcrafter one piece is over 22 years old and has leaked BAD for the last 4 years. Sent it in for the waterproof zipper upgrade and still leaks at zippers (and most other areas too). Guess these things do have a service life after all. Appears mine is totally just worn out for waterproofness. Sad, it was a great suit for many years. Looks like I'll be buying some GoreTex hiking shells to wear UNDER the suit this winter to fend off the rains. Sigh... (Posted on 10/19/13)
Dry!Review by Illtyd
This is great stuff! I have been using the Roadcrafter one piece suit since the mid eighties and discovered this great slim about eleven years ago. A friend recommended it. He swore by it so I gave it a try. I didn’t believe him until I got into a heavy rain somewhere in Ohio on Interstate 90. I was in that rain for hours and not a drop got through the suit! (Posted on 8/3/12)
Zippers slide niceReview by Toby Z
I enjoy how the zippers slide smoother after washing with NikWax. (Posted on 3/18/12)
TX Direct Wash-in RepellentReview by Greg
Have been using it once per year since I got my Darien (5 years) and have never gotten wet. Wash once w/ detergent or Tech Wash, once w/ no detergent and then once w/ 4 capsful of TX Direct. (Posted on 3/15/12)
works great for meReview by PDX Rider
I've been wearing aero suits x 18 yrs (first roadcrafter, then Darien) for year-round riding in the pacific NW, so I know about rain and waterproofing. Every 2-3 years I use the TX direct (whole bottle) and I've never had a leak. (Posted on 10/22/11)

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