Crash Repairs

Between 20 and 40 miles per hour, Roadcrafter suits usually sustain less than $250 of damage; between 40-70 miles per hour, $250-$500 of damage; 70-100 miles per hour, $500 or more. these figures are estimates - the actual amount of damage varies depending on the circumstances of each accident. A suit is "totalled" and cannot be repaired if the cost of the repairs exceeds half of the price of a new suit. You will be contacted with an itemized estimate of repairs needed, based on time and materials, before work is begun. Garment should be cleaned and pads removed before returning. Cleaning service available. Work is usually completed and shipped within two weeks.

Other Repairs?
Broken zippers, torn linings, melted ballistics and other repairs are estimated based on the materials and labor involved. Replacing a zipper or some hook and loop is usually between $30 and $60, but we will contact you with an estimate before performing any work. >> More Info

Crash Repairs Crash Repairs

"Hello - I just want to say thank you!!!! I was on the Adirondack Northway this past Saturday morning rolling along at 80 mph when a deer just appeared over the guard rail. With zero reaction time I scored a direct hit. After a few good tumbles and a long slide on my back I got up and walked away without a scratch. Yes, I got some lumps and bruises but not a scratch.

This Darien Light jacket with optional standard back protector and regular Darien pants did more than I would have dreamed they could to protect me.

Please keep up the good work.
Best Regards,
Jack Phelps
P.S. I just ordered a new Darien suit"