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Loobman Chain Luber

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A manually operated and simple chain luber that has no moving parts, and no attachment to the engine or carburetor is required. Loobman will fit any motorcycle and is easily installed. Any kind of oil can be used with this unit (Loobman recommends ordinary engine oil), and although this is the low-tech approach to on-bike chain oiling, it is vastly superior to spraying lube on your chain at irregular intervals while out on the road. The ability to hit the chain with lube while operating will extend chain life considerably, which is not to be taken lightly as the per-link cost of a quality chain is not exactly cheap. The Loobman is both economical to buy and makes your chain last longer. Win win.


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Customer Reviews (3)

does the jobReview by NomadS
Does the job and much cheaper and less complex than Scott Oiler. Make sure you do it before riding, not after. If you do it after you will end up with a drip on your floor. If find using it when I fill up before a ride seems to provide plenty of lubrication. (Posted on 1/13/11)
Excellent ProductReview by Michael
The Loobman is simple to install (despite horrid pencil drawings enclosed by the manufacturer). It is effective and ultra low tech. My Bonneville's chain has 40,000 miles on it and is as good as new, almost. I oil the chain a lot with 30 weight fresh engine oil and I clean it occasionally with kerosene and a brush. The Loobman is so easy to use it is almost impossible not to keep your chain looking good. My Loobman is three years old and works as well as new. (Posted on 8/16/10)
Seems to work well. Must ...Review by David Evans
Seems to work well. Must resist temptation to squeeze the bottle too often, or else you will oil your wheel. After bending the wire on the swing arm it's pretty much squeeze and forget. Don't forget seasonal changes, change from 90w in the summer to lighter weight lube in the winter. (Posted on 8/19/07)