A Note on Energy Conservation (How Riding Helps)

Advancing economically and socially always involves increasing mobility — from walking to bicycling to motorcycling, and eventually to automobiles. While the benefits of this progress are obvious, we also face ever increasing difficulties of too high fuel costs, declining resources, excessive road congestion and insufficient parking availability.

More specifically, statistics show that the U.S. has made no progress in lowering fuel consumption over the past 14 years. CAFE, the Combined Average Fuel Economy, is worse now than it was in 1999. Cars and trucks account for about 40% of total the U.S. fuel consumption and our dependence on imported oil continues to increase — from 37% in 1980 to 56% in 2003.

For all journeys from point A to B, motorcycles and scooters are more efficient, faster and a lot less consumptive than almost all cars and trucks — and we riders know motorcycling is more fun. The nano-routines and everyday rituals of motorbiking always become easier and more automatic the more you ride (it probably becomes safer per-mile traveled, too).

There are over five million bikes in the country. Motorcycle companies would like to sell even more of them. Here's how you can ride more and help motorcycling at the same time: Add one of these license plate frames or bases to your bike. Or wear one of these shirts. Let others know how great riding feels, how it works, and how it helps.

--Mr. Subjective 9/05