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Ortlieb Dry Bag Saddlebags

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Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. Like this pair completely waterproof throw-over soft saddlebags: they are made of the same PVC materials and use the same sealing system found on heavy-duty dry bags. The easy loading top entry design rolls over and clips at both ends for a completely waterproof seal. Each bag’s lower leading end is cut away for generous passenger leg clearance. The bikeside has a full width Thermo-molded pad to protect paint and bodywork. All webbing and hardware is top grade. Inside are several carefully designed polypropylene stiffener panels as well as a handy organizer pocket, and at the rear of each bag is a Scotchlite™ reflective area.

Dry Bag Saddlebags are short enough to fit ahead of the rear turn signals on all motorcycles and are ideal for use on dual sport or sport machines. You won’t find frivolous details here, just intelligent and functional bags that won’t stick out too far yet will easily hold enough for a weekend camping trip. Totally waterproof. Easy to install and quick to put on or remove. Black or yellow. 15"×13"×8" each with 3173 cu. in. combined volume.

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Exceeded ExpectationsReview by Doug
When I got a new bike I planned to get a set of hard bags for it and bought these as place holders. My last bike had hard bags and I was convinced that was the only way to go.) Well 12,000 miles later I never got around to getting that fancy hard luggage. Didn't need to. Are they sturdy? They look as good as new. Are they capacious? They seem impossible to overfill even for a long trip. Are they waterproof? After riding all day in 8 hours of blinding rain on one trip everything inside was bone dry. Easy to get on and off, too. What's not to like. (Posted on 8/21/16)
Still Dry After Fifteen YearsReview by Dan
I bought a set of these in 2001. They've been on at least seven major trips and more long weekends than I can count. I've been caught many times in rain so heavy that trucks were pulling onto the shoulder to wait it out. They have never leaked. Not one drop.

They are larger than they look, and because they're just one big compartment, the space is all usable. When I pack for a long weekend camping trip, I often find I have to take a couple extra t-shirts or socks just to properly fill them out. As a bonus, the straps that run across the top of the closure are perfect for securing a pair of muddy sandals.

Shortcomings: the roll-top closure is complicated enough that you really don't want to be opening the bags by the roadside; pack them in the morning and leave them shut till you're at your destination. That's why there are tank bags and top boxes. Like all soft bags, they will scuff any surface they're rubbing against, especially when riding in the rain. Snider's Paint Guard (item 9058) is your friend.

Defects and/or failures: after about ten years, the adhesive holding the hook & loop to one of the over-seat straps failed. Since the hook & loop was also sewn to the bag, nothing fell off. It re-bonded when I heated it with an iron, but I put in a few stitches just in case. (Posted on 6/4/16)
really goodReview by artifactory
These are really nicely designed, functionally. Easy to open and close, and capacious. Not only waterproof, they're designed so water doesn't leak in through the opening.
Having the yellow ones, there's the added benefit of high visibility - a big plus in an urban environment where a cycle sometimes seems to be invisible to impatient drivers. (Posted on 5/24/16)
So ExcellentReview by Levi
These bags are nearly perfect. So simple, so much carrying capacity (40 liters each WHAT, I can easily fit my helmet inside one), and so waterproof. I had them out in a 4 hour deluge yesterday and they stayed bone dry inside.

I ride a '79 CB750 and have no problems attaching or taking off the drybags in about 2 minutes. Could be even shorter depending on your bike setup.

I could see the strap under the butt being a potential problem depending on your seat length and the strength of your booty, but it sits just far enough back on my bike to not be a problem.

Oh, who the hell though it was cool to put a tire track on the outside of a perfectly good looking bag? Ortlieb, fire the designer who did that. It's stupid. Literally, my only complaint.

Buy these now. (Posted on 4/10/15)
Nearly perfect dualsport bagsReview by Dr. Science
Have had these for 4 years now, using them on a pre-2007 KLR. Trips have included lots of weekends, a couple of weeks, and a 17-day trip to the arctic. The contents have never gotten wet, despite extended periods of total immersion (in a mudhole... yuck). The fabric has held up to many abuses including hot exhaust pipes, vibrasion against frame members, and collision with objects like rocks and branch stubs. The bags are large; on the 17-day trip I supplemented them with a fender bag, a small tank bag, and rolltop dry bag that mostly held food and sundries. Now for the problems. The mounting system is rather primitive, though with some adaptation they can be hung on a saddlebag frame. The usual slung-over-the-seat mounting leaves you with an uncomfortable strap running under your bum, though on the KLR I can relocate the straps to run beneath the seat. They are a bit inconvenient to open or close, so I usually pack so that I can run all day without going into the saddlebags. They are a bit homely, but not really more so than other soft luggage - it always gets a bit rustic after some heavy use. Finally, the price is great compared to most other saddlebag options out there. If mine ever die, I'll probably just get another set of them. (Posted on 2/18/14)
Excellent All Weather BagsReview by Martin
I've had these bags for about a month now and am very happy with them. I've taken several multi-day long distance trips, through some pretty harsh weather and the bags perform flawlessly. They fit directly on to my '08 KLR seat perfectly. In some reviews I read, there seemed to be concerns about "all the straps". There are just three straps that mount the bags to the bike and they are very simple/sensible. The closure system is identical to what you would find on a river dry bag. A note to post '08 KLR owners who wonder if these bags need a supplemental mounting rack: they don't. The existing muffler heat shield adequately protects the bag on that side from heat. I rode all day in 113 degree Mojave heat and the bag was fine - there was slight distortion on the mounting panel but nothing that concerned me. The contents of the bag (my tent) felt warm when I got it out after a day of riding, but no where near hot enough to cause damage. I can think of no reason that I wouldn't make this purchase again. (Posted on 9/17/13)
My third set of Ortlieb saddlebagsReview by JoeBob
These bags are one of the best additions you can make to a motorcycle that is street ridden daily. Both of my daily mules have them. My third set is replacing the first which lasted more than ten years. With some bungee cords these bags will let you do almost all of the errands that you would in the car. Only caveat is that they hold water inside just as effectively as they keep water out so if your bike is out in the rain be careful of how you fold and seal them or you will be bailing. Whether you are touring or running to Home Depot, these are the ticket. (Posted on 9/14/13)
Still GoodReview by Jerry Stevens
Well, I posted a review in '09. 66,000 miles and five years later I am still using these bags. I ride a cruiser long distances and wanted waterproof w/o rain cover. These are the real deal. They never have leaked and I have ridden in hard rain. They hold a lot. They are tough. I let one touch my exhaust for a short ride though I don't recommend it but it did not melt. The rubber bracket on the bottom for the strap was injured but not ruined. (Posted on 5/14/13)
Waterproof, ReallyReview by flying_hun
It seems that every time I go on a long tour I am reminded that if something requires a cover or a liner to make it waterproof, then it isn't waterproof at all. These bags require neither, and are the only truly waterproof panniers - hard or soft - I've ever used. Just back from a ride in the UK and France that featured several days of heavy rain, and the contents of these bags remained dry. Flexible, tough, easy to get on and off the bike (Versys), and waterproof. The best I've used. (Posted on 7/26/12)
Fit wellReview by Shef
I'm really enjoying these bags. They hold a fair amount and fit on an 01 sv650 without racks and without issue.

Have yet to test how durable and water resilient they are, but the build quality gives me high hopes. (Posted on 7/16/12)
longer saddle strapsReview by zoomzu
I have had these bags for about 3 weeks. I like how they are built. The saddle velcro straps are a bit short for my 08 KLR650. I have a bit of a time to secure them to my side racks. (Posted on 2/6/12)
Canada-proof!Review by Lyle
Spent a week riding through the Canadian Rockies, and it rained every single day. These bags nevertheless kept everything within them dry and clean. Plenty of room for one person's stuff, and they fit my ancient KZ750 like they were made for it.

Wonderful bags! (Posted on 7/25/11)
good, butReview by arturony
I have one of the single Ortlieb bags. Love it. Bungees onto the back of my BMW and has been totally water proof. On the other hand I've just returned from a trip where I was reminded once again that wheels on bags make life soooo much easier gettomg tp and from the room. There has to be a way. (Posted on 5/24/11)
Tough WaterproofReview by Arlen
These are tough waterproof-dust proof bags. I've had a set for over 10 years mostly on a KLR. They have been to Tierra del Fuego four times!! After a skid awhile ago I did wear a hole in them but just put some duct tape on the inside and they are good as new!! I highly recommend them. Your stuff will stay dry. I use these bags and a top Ortlieb bag and travel for month long trips, They hold all clothes and tools etc. (Posted on 3/4/11)
They fit a BMW K1200sReview by Chris
I've had alot of different bags over the years and alot of rain covers that flap in the breeze. I should have bought these a long time ago. These bags are very simple and rugged. The best part of these is no more rain covers. I ride a BMW K1200S. And I can vouch that they will hold up at 170 mph. They never moved. On the same trip I was caught in a down pour for 4 hours and not a drop of water got in. Again a super buy. (Posted on 6/21/10)
AWESOME BAGSReview by jordi
Flat out these things kick butt and are tough as hog snoot...however I do not really know how tough hog snoot is but I'll bet not as tough as these bags. Once you figure out how to attach them and work the straps they are wonderful. I do not really like the brand of clip they use as they are different from all other brands on the market so i ended up cutting them off and re-sewing a different brand on that LL BEAN handles so as to be able to have fitting male and female. If you buy these you will see what I mean. I do OFF ROAD adventure riding and am street legal but i barely do any pavement. and i need these tight and not to move. AEROSTITCH sells no compatable matching clips which I think does totally stink!!!!!! (Posted on 5/6/10)
Excellent quality best value...Review by Studioandolina
I love my new bags! These are very high quality and easy to work with after a bit of practice. I have an older XJ750 and really do not need a bag on everyday, so the easy on and off works great for me. Camping in the Pacific Northwest can be WET but with these bags I have NO WORRIES, everything inside is DRY..... (Posted on 11/5/09)
These bags work!Review by Steve
I have a set of these bags on my KLR650. They have been all over northern BC and the backroads of the Yukon..through some of the worst wet and cold weather imaginable. They have NEVER failed to keep my gear 100% dry. Very tough and durable. I sometimes wish they were slightly bigger, or had a larger closure flap for hard to stuff items, but still very good as is. Overall rating A++++++ (Posted on 10/30/09)
Ugly, but they workReview by Alex
Good- These things are simply waterproof. The interior is a nice, cubic shape so lots of things fit easily. They're rugged and put up with abuse (I've scraped them on walls). They've got enough give to be able to squeeze in places you couldn't get a bike with hard bags into

Not so good- It took me several tries to get them to fit my SV 650 without moving around or cramping the passenger. They're really unattractive. Now I ride a V-strom so it doesn't matter.

Mine are around 8 years old and look 80. Still work fine.

(Posted on 10/8/09)
When it Must Stay DryReview by Keith
These bags are very well made and keep your kit totally dry. However, they look a bit "pragmatic" (the soft luggage version of aluminum panniers) and will leak if they are over-packed. An excellent choice for adventure riders who don't want their leg trapped under hard saddlebags when riding agressively. (Posted on 9/24/09)

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