Roadcrafter Alterations

Please call at 800.222.1994 or 218.722.1927 to place an order for a new suit with alterations. For a precise, comfortable fit, suits are available in many stock colors and 61 standard "off the rack" sizes (Men's 34 to 54 and Women's 2 to 20, most in short, regular, and long lengths) . Custom size alterations and most optional features must be added at the time of manufacture. Custom-altered suits are not returnable for refund or exchange. Select additional alterations or adjustments may be available at the purchaser's expense. Some alterations are not available in combination. (i.e. mid gusset and v-gussets, together.)

Roadcrafter Custom Sleeve Length

Shorten or lengthen up to a total of 2" above elbow, below elbow, or a combination of both. Please note, you may lose sleeve pockets if you shorten below the elbow.

#201 $100.00

Roadcrafter Custom Leg Length

Shorten or lengthen up to a total of 3" above knee, below knee or a combination of both. Price includes both legs. (Length adjustment of rise is not available.) As a general rule you will lose thigh map pocket hook and loop if you shorten more than 2" above the knee.

#202 $100.00

Roadcrafter Upper Body Gusset

A V-shaped panel from the waist to the sleeve on each side of the suit meets another V-shaped panel from the elbow to the armhole, providing additional shoulder and arm ease. Increases comfort with narrow bars as well as for riders with athletic builds. Both one and two piece Roadcrafters. Add up to 2" at each side.

#203 $100.00

Roadcrafter Extended Gusset

For larger riders. A V-shaped panel begins just below the underside of the elbow and widens upward to the armhole. It continues down along the sides of the torso through the upper thigh, tapering to end near the knee. Add up to 2" at each side. For one piece Roadcrafters and Roadcrafter jackets only.

#211 $100.00

Roadcrafter Mid Gusset

Inconspicuous gusset added at both side seams to make the waist/tummy area larger. Gussets begin at the upper sleeve, near the underside of the armhole, and widen to the waist, then taper to end near the hips. Add up to 2" at each side. For one piece Roadcrafters and Roadcrafter jackets only.

#207 $100.00

Roadcrafter Ellipse

A 2" ellipse is installed across the lower back and tapers to each side, increasing the forward lean of the suit. Tilts the torso forward 5 degrees compared to standard suits. Roadcrafter one piece only. Available as a separate zip-in panel for two piece suits; see Suit Accessories.

#206 $100.00

Roadcrafter Jacket Hem Flair

A gusset on each side, sewn from the waist tab, that widens to an additional 1 1/2" on each side at the jacket hem. Provides a looser fit around the hips.

#208 $70.00

Knee Slider Velcro

An oval area of Velcro loop that allows the installation of knee slider pucks on one and two piece Roadcrafter suits. Plenty of room for perfect placement. Seam taped behind. Black velcro loop only.

#212 $85.00

Sleeve Pen/Pencil Pocket

For holding a pen, grease pencil or tire gauge. Color matching Cordura fabric. Seam sealed behind. Specify location: right upper sleeve, left upper sleeve, or left forearm. Upper sleeve not available on Darien. 3" x 6.5"
Existing suits add $40.00.

#230 $50.00

Additional Forward Rotated Sleeves

All suit sleeves are optimized for most sport-standard riding positions. This alteration adds even more for ‘extreme’ riding positions (like GSXR, YZF, etc...). About forty pieces changed to reposition front/chest/arms. Makes a comfort difference on supersport and 'race-replica' bikes.

#213 $120.00

Knee Gusset

A short elliptical strip inserted along both sides of the pant leg at the knee, providing for a slightly roomier fit in the knees.

#214 $100.00

Reflective Delete (Not Shown)

For maximum stealth-mode riding, color matched fabric in place of any (or all) of the 3M Scotchlite reflective areas. Inconspicuity for secret agents and black ops riding. Also makes flash photography posing easier.

Jackets #224 $20.00
Pants #225 $20.00
One Piece #226 $35.00

Contrasting Color Thread

Roadcrafter and Darien suits are available on special order with color contrasting stitching. For example, you could have a black Roadcrafter with silver stitching and gray ballistic abrasion areas. All thread, body and ballistic colors are available, including custom ballistics thread colors. Blue with Taupe stitching? Eeewww.
Click the image to see detail.

#345 $50.00

Custom Abrasion Area Colors

We usually offer about a dozen choices in addition to the standard colors. Call for free swatches. Ballistics are sold in complete sets only. Mix and match all combinations of ballistics and suit colors with our color picker.

#204 $75.00

Camera Pocket Loop

Section of loop placed above the logo pocket on any textile Aerostich Jacket or Suit. Includes mated adhesive hook and an attachable safety cord, allowing you to attach a small video camera, like a GoPro Hero 3+. Superior point-of-view compared to helmet or handlebar mounted camera placement. Wears un-noticabley as part of your jacket or suit. Tested for thousands of miles in all types of weather.

#344 $35.00

Pen/Gauge Pocket

Add a pocket to the outside calf of a Roadcrafter Suit or Pants for an easy to access storage pocket for a pen, tire gauge, screwdriver or other small tools. 2" x 6"

#341 $50.00

Pant Leg Heat Shield

Nomex panels added to the inside calf/ankle area of R-3 and Roadcrafter suits and pants to provide a protective barrier between your riding pants and hot exhaust pipes to prevent fabric from melting or burning.

#503 $65.00 per leg

Install an Aerostich Label Patch

Mounts to left shoulder, seam taped behind. 4.75" x 1.25". (Dariens and Roadcrafters).

#232 $15.00*

Install an American or Canadian Flag

Add an embroidered flag on either shoulder (Darien, R-3 and Roadcrafter) or to the lower left of the front logo pocket (Existing suits add $40). Specify Canadian or U.S. flag., and flag size. Canadian (2" x 1", 3" x 1.5", 3.75" x 2"), U.S. (1.75" x 1", 2.5" x 1.5", 3.5" x 2").

USA #233 $15.00*
Canada #237 $15.00

Install Rider Supplied Patch

Custom installation of your favorite patch. For a removable option, we add hook & loop. Seam taped behind. Installation of multiple patches in the same area (right sleeve, right chest, etc.) is available at a reduced price. Call for more information.

Patch Installed #235 $20.00*
Patch Installed with clear vinyl overlay #2335 $40.00*
Removable Hook & Loop Patch Installed #236 $40.00*

Cleaning Inspection and Water Repellent Service (Not Shown)

One Piece #255 $90.00
Jackets #256 $55.00
Pants #257 $45.00

*Add $25 to install patches to existing garments.