The TF elbow, shoulder and knee impact armor’s two-level system is unique – it’s the only armor with a shaped hard shell area for increased penetration protection. Each contoured hard-shell is glued to the center of an oversized 16mm thick curved shape made using TF visco-elastic impact foam. This shaped hard-shell area helps TF armor perform better than non-reinforced impact armor.

Aerostich’s oversize TF impact armor systems uniquely provide two-levels of impact energy absorption: Directly beneath each TF’s central hard-shell area TF provides slightly better performance compared to other impact armor systems and also provides significantly increased penetration resistance. Around TF’s flexible edges TF provides a little less energy absorption in return for greater wearing flexibility and comfort.

Our CE impact testing machine (photo right) allows us to test lots of armor, including today’s latest types which sometimes are included as separately-branded components of some rider’s gear. All of today’s latest impact armor systems contain the same type of impact energy-absorbing technology. (Aerostich TF impact armor has contained exactly this technology since 1985.)


We use a duplicate of the machine used by the CE (Conformité Européenne, meaning European Conformity) to measure impact energy absorption levels for CE standard compliance.* This machine uses a calibrated transducer to measure the amount of force transferred through impact armor. The higher the number shown in the bar graph, the more impact force is transferred. Lower transferred force means the armor will disperse and absorb impact better in a crash situation.


Our TF viscoelastic foam material is unique partly because the faster and harder it is struck, the more it resists impact. This characteristic, of stiffening more for higher-speed impacts while remaining soft and moldable for comfortable wear, make it the perfect choice for crash-protective yet comfortable wearing body armor.


Each TF impact armor type is optimized for specific temperature ranges. The TF2 (cold weather) version works best in ambients from 30º - 55ºf. The standard TF3 armor works best in ambients from 45ºf – 75ºf. The TF5 (low-profile) and TF6 (competition) version works best in ambients from 65º – 95ºf.

2006 NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) MC Safety Testimony:

Aerostich Gear and TF Impact Armor Systems

*Test data based on results from Aerostich impact testing, series number 211108-RH, performed Nov. 2008. Measures indicate materials resilience to impact as a reading of kilonewtons (kN). 1 kN = 224 lbs. Testing sensors measure the amount of force transferred through the armor at impact. Lower kN readings indicate greater overall energy absorption and better impact dampening ability. The average (mean) of multiple impacts: TF2=28.71kN, TF3=25.83kN, TF6=24.8kN, TF5=19.11kN


TF was developed to provide effective impact protection when fitted into Roadcrafter and Darien Suits. It was introduced more than ten years before CE certification existed. Aerostich’s TF3 was tested at a CE lab in England and also using Aerostich’s impact testing machine.

CE impact certification standards involve both impact energy absorption performance and impact armor shape and size. TF’s oversize shapes are optimized to fit perfectly inside Aerostich gear, so some Aerostich TF armor does not comply with the CE certification program for reasons related to their shape and size. All of TF’s hard-shelled areas significantly exceed CE impact certification standards and also perform better than most other CE approved armor.


Additional adhesive backed sections of hook & loop are provided to allow you to install hip or back impact armor into any garment. Our experience has been that the adhesive will stay attached to lining fabrics for several years, but it also makes it simple to hand sew the hook & loop into place without opening the lining.


We use TF3, a costly high performance viscoelastic material first developed for use in aerospace applications. Custom shaped for each suit, and removable from elbow, knee, and shoulder pockets, this padding feels soft and molds to your body. On impact it instantly becomes firmer, absorbing and distributing energy.


Roadcrafters are engineered for daily 'A to B' commuting and general purpose riding, so our fast entry zippers are a compromise, but the fabric is totally waterproof. The easy entry zipper system will stay leak-free for about 30 to 90 minutes in a steady rain on an unfaired motorcycle. Behind a fairing or in lighter rains, it will stay dry all day long.


Rack tested

We made 20 lb. sandbags out of denim, regular nylon, leather, and our 500 Denier Gore•Tex® /Cordura Nylon, and filled them with a special mixture of silica and a marker powder. Then we suspended them beneath a heavily weighted platform and dragged them down the road behind a truck just to see them wear through. Ouch. Performance art? No way. A physics experiment? Sort of (our first abrasion tests inspired a cover story on abrasion several years later in Cycle Magazine). Repeated testing shows the superiority of Gore•Tex® /Cordura Nylon over other materials. That’s why Aerostich suits are tougher than suits weighing twice as much.