Two Piece Suits

  • Cousin Jeremy

    Waxed cotton + functional style.

    Merging the quest for fine-tuned individuality head-on with a blend of classic materials and hand-crafted modern design to create the embodiment of an authentic riders’ suit.

  • Roadcrafter Classic Light

    Lighter-weight, yet still strong.

    Except for the lighter fabric, all other details and features are the same as the Roadcrafter Classic Two Piece.

  • Roadcrafter Classic Tactical

    Less weight, more freedom.

    Omits the ballistic abrasion areas for less weight, more freedom of movement, and a more industrial and traditional work wear appearance.

  • Roadcrafter Classic Stealth

    You have the choice of black...or black.

    Includes all double-layer abrasion areas but replaces reflective areas with black matching fabric.

  • Roadcrafter Classic

    The original, proven design.

    It's all about attention to detail, real-world riding and meticulous craftsmanship.