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Technical Boot Socks

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These socks have additional Lycra support sections throughout the calf, so you won’t find them cutting off circulation or falling down into your boot. High-friction areas contain two sections of polyamide, a technical fiber that provides life-long treatment against odor, fungus and bacteria, and extraordinary wicking capabilities result in enhanced comfort.

The Boot socks (#1407), made of 75% Antimicrobial Treated Schoeller Polycolon and 25% Polyamide/Lycra, are longer to provide additional warmth to lower leg. The Crew socks (#1413), made of 75% Merino wool 15% Nylon and 10% Lycra, wear slightly higher than a normal sock in order to accommodate riding boots. Built to last.

M (5.5-9.5), L (10-12.5), XL (13-15).


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Customer Reviews (14)

Great SocksReview by LDDR
Bought 3 pairs of these, and one pair of the Silver Lining Trekking Socks. Just recently finished a SS1000 and BB1500 riding north thru MO, IA, MN, and WI. Temps were as low as 38 and as high as 55 during the day. The Tech boot socks performed great, feet never got cold. I wear Sidi waterproof boots that keep my feet pretty warm anyway. On the return to the South, temps hit 92, my feet were fine in these. Like the height of the socks too. Highly recommend these. (Posted on 5/19/14)
Great fitReview by Christopher
These fit great. I have a size 12 foot, but got the XL size for Christmas. Even though these are warm weather socks, they felt so good I wore them for a day anyway (at 45 degrees). I did a good bit of walking around, and they diddn't shift around in my boot at all. They look cool too. (Posted on 12/30/12)
Definitely Worth ItReview by JP
Durable and dependable. I purchased two pair for a two week 3000 mile Southwestern tour combining both desert and mountain riding. These socks are easy to clean and kept both my feet and boots odor free and dry in the hotter climes. However, as mentioned in another review, I did need an additional wool sock layer to stay warm when over 8000 ft with temps <40F. (Posted on 6/1/12)
Six years after I bought them, it is getting time to replace themReview by Mark
I do a lot of riding. I wear very tall boots (my current pair are 30 hole Undergrounds from Britain). I also like to be able to layer my socks when it gets cold outside. I found these socks to meet my needs so well that I don't wear any others (except when I layer them, that is). These are an excellent warm weather sock, and are even good into the cooler temps. I layer them when there is snow on the ground, but that is the only time it seems needed to me. I bought five pairs six years ago and they are just about through, so I will be ordering more. They are the best all-around socks I have ever owned and work exceptionally well as a sock liner if you need to layer them due to low temps. (Posted on 5/10/12)
Best hot weather socksReview by Ocala John
These are the best hot weather riding socks I have ever owned. I've had two pair for over five years and they are just now starting to wear out.

When used with Combat Touring boots (lite) they provide great comfort and cool feet in the hot Florida summers. (Posted on 4/24/12)
Best pair of socks I have ownedReview by Sam
These socks are the most comfortable and best fitting that I have ever owned. Not the least of their virtues is that they stay firmly in place in spite of rather skinny legs. I plan on buying three more pair. (Posted on 12/23/11)
Outstanding SocksReview by David Nelson
Some of the best socks ever -- the most important feature are the wicking properties of these socks -- good length -- they are a very nice sock to wear with cowboy boots -- the size is right on the mark as well. (Posted on 11/27/11)
The right socksReview by JohnJ
When I received my Combat Lites I ordered these socks because of their wicking capabilities and antibacterial feature. I live/ride in a hot weather climate and find these socks to be the best. They are worth the money. (Posted on 10/27/11)
BOOT SOCKSReview by bikerK
I needed a sock that was good for colder weather and at the same time on the thin side because of issues I have since I broke my ankle 5 years ago. I did not think I would find anything that would be effective. I ordered one pair and used them when the weather got cooler and they worked great so I ordered more. It will take sometime before I'll know how they hold up but so far so good, they seem to be well worth the money. (Posted on 10/8/11)
GreatReview by HondoTX
When I got my Combat Lite boots I went to the local Soccer Store and bought some kneesocks. They were a little tight on my large calves. I bought one pair of these and tried them out behind the jugs of a URAL around town and 200 miles behind R1200GS cylinders in 98 degree heat. They worked great. I thought that, as thin as they are, they wouldn't be effective, but my feet didn't sweat. I just received pairs 2 and 3 today. NEGATIVE COMMENT: These socks look too "technical" to be good sock puppets. You'll have to go somewhere else for that. (Posted on 6/2/11)
Nice Riding SockReview by Fatboy
Although the socks are thin, I appreciate the length of them. I have a 34" inseem and the socks come clearly to my knee. Nice support all day. (Posted on 4/21/11)
Good product - some concerns thoughReview by Walter
I just got one pair of these (not that cheap) and tried them out on my new BMW GS Boots (not cheap either). These socks are very comfortable, accurately described by Aerostich and higher than any sock I have had previously (great for these very tall and safe boots). But I am concerned over their thin-ness (see previous review). Over a long day, will I get any friction "hot spots" in these boots since there really isn't any padding from the sock? Will I wear holes in these socks from the friction from my boot? Are these socks really warm on a cold day, or do I have to wear a "warmer sock" over top of them and thus make my foot tighter (with poorer circulation and thus warmth) in the boot? Guess I will have to wear them a lot a see the results. Stay tuned...... (Posted on 11/10/09)
Two thumbs up!Review by UncleHowie
These socks are great. Very comfortable, and good elastic keeps them up all day. They dry quickly when washed out on road trips.

One note- not a complaint- these socks are thin. They may be thinner that what you are currently wearing. (Posted on 10/13/09)
They work exactly as desc...Review by bruce martin
They work exactly as described. Very nice. (Posted on 9/18/08)