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Adjustable Carry Strap

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The easiest way to pack a Roadcrafter for carrying. A simple, fast and convenient way manage your suit when it's not being worn. Quick release buckles, adjustable 1" nylon straps and convenient carry handle. When not needed, carries in any pocket unnoticed. Made in USA

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Roll and Carry 1 Piece Roadcrafter

Roll and Carry 2 Piece Roadcrafter

The Ultimate Commute

If necessity is the mother of invention, then the greater the need, the better the invention. The story: Life-long motorcycle commuter and long-time Aerostich suit owner Mark L. lives and works in his native Los Angeles, then falls in love with a beautiful research scientist in who lives in San Diego. They get married, he relocates, and for the last 13 years he endures a 125-mile commute each way.

So he invents this. Every morning he rolls up his trusty Roadcrafter, secures it with an Aerostich Suit Harness, and walks to the nearby Oceanside Amtrak/Metrolink train station. He carries work, lunch, a morning paper, a laptop and his rolled-up Roadcrafter. On board he'll read and work for an hour and 55 minutes. As the train nears LA he unrolls the Roadcrafter and suits up. A short walk from the platform rests a beat-up 1984 Honda XL350R, eager for its ride across the city to his office. (This too-brief twenty minutes, he notes, is invariably the best part of his day.)

Just as the Roadcrafter is part of his commuting solution, the compact, lightweight Aerostich Suit Harness is his solution to transporting his (or your) suit off the bike. Fold the suit in half, roll it laterally or longitudinally, secure the harness, and you’re on your way. It carries unnoticed in a suit pocket until needed, and it’s quick and easy to use.

Thanks, Mark, for inventing this. – Mr. Subjective