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About Us

Welcome to Aerostich. We design, make, and sell equipment for people who ride motorcycles and scooters. We care about motorcycling, quality, value, and customer service.

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How Do You Ride?

Aerostich motorcycle gear is about more riding days. It truly is a tool, a piece of equipment, and not styled or fashion sportswear. Just like a screwdriver or socket or some kind of wrench. The right tool for daily two-wheeled, ride-everywhere personal mobility will make riding easier. And safer. You get smarter, stronger, sharper, and smoother. Choose the Aerostich motorcycle suit and accessories that best fit your everyday riding needs...and you'll ride more.





Featured Gear: Suit Storage and Repair

The Key to Gear Performance is Fit

There are SIX different size equivalents inside the common 'L' size when you use professional-grading: 42S, 42R, 42L, 44S, 44R, 44L. It's not worth spending a large amount on gear you will be wearing for thousands of miles and many years -- unless it fits you correctly.

For most of us, men's and women's size-grading provides noticeably more comfort than common 'S', 'M' or 'L' sizes. Nobody buys shoes that way because they need to walk distances in them. So if you ride 3,000+ miles a year, a graded fit helps you ride better and more comfortably.

In addition to having over sixty different sizes of riding suits in stock, our gear also has:

  • The easiest to use and most functional pocket arrangements.
  • The largest areas of reflective material.
  • The most adjustable waterproof cooling and venting zippers.
  • The largest, thickest and most energy-absorbing TF impact armor.

-- All since 1983. --

Without a bunch of B.S. glamour marketing.

Hand Made in America. Competitively Priced. Sold Factory Direct.

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