Repair and refurbishment work on Aerostich gear is done at our headquarters in Duluth, Minnesota. All inquires and questions are welcome. Estimates are always free.

Please call us at 800-222-1994 or email us at with questions or for specific time estimates. (For example, replacing a worn-out zipper requires less time than complex crash repairs.) Work is normally managed in order received. Average turnaround time is 1-3 weeks. Range may be up to 8 weeks.

For information about optional Alterations (available on new garment orders only), follow these links:
Roadcrafter Alterations
Darien Alterations
Kanetsu and Fleece Alterations


Download and complete this form to include with your repair order.

Right-Click: 'Save As...'


Attn: Repairs
8 South 18th Avenue West
Duluth, MN 55806

  • Print the blank form and write in the requested information. Include a copy along with your suit being sent for repair.
  • Expedite repair services by including credit card information and pre-authorizing repair charges. You will only be charged for actual repair costs (plus shipping fees).
  • We recommend using a traceable/insured shipping method to send us your repair order.

Derek Bolanger - Thanks for the protection.

Questions about repair/refurbishment services? Call (800) 222-1994 or email


Services are available for most existing models, following a free examination and assessment. You will be contacted with an itemized estimate of repairs needed, based on time and materials, before work is begun. Repair service rates are $60 per hour and are based on average times involved to restore each damaged area.

Please note the color of repaired or patched areas may not match the existing garment due to differences in fabric aging and dye lots.

Before returning for any repair or refurbishment work:

  • All garments must be washed clean, and fully dried
  • All impact armor removed
A surcharge of between $25 and $45 (depending on item) will be added if cleaning and impact armor removal is required.

Repair services on garments 15 years or older may not be available.
However, depending on condition of materials, repair options are limited to:

  • Main zip on Roadcrafter Classic, one or two-piece
  • Wrist tab Velcro: hook side only
  • Collar Velcro: hook side only
  • Two-way pockets: hook velcro only
  • Zipper pull tab handle
  • Zipper sliders
  • Cleaning
  • Waterproof conditioning/water repellant


Repair availability depends on the amount and type of damage. A suit is considered 'totaled' and cannot be repaired if the cost of the repairs exceeds half of the price of the suit at the time it was manufactured (for example, if a suit's selling price was $800 when first sold, it will become 'totaled' today at $400).


Refurbishment may include replacing worn or broken zippers, snaps, hook and loop, adding fabric patches and reapplication of seam tape. Not all garments may be eligible for repair or refurbishment services, depending upon the extent of work needed and the age and/or condition of the garment. After many years of hard wear and long use effective refurbishment and repair work may be impossible and/or uneconomical.


Complete washing, general inspection, and water repellent renewal service for Roadcrafter/R-3 suits, Darien jackets and pants and AD1 pants. A detailed inspection of the hook & loop, zippers, stitching, fabric, and laundering with NikWax wash-in water repellent. Stain removal is not guaranteed, but suits will smell nicer and will work better in the rain. If sewing repairs or pad replacements are needed, you will be contacted with an estimate.
One Piece #255 $90.00
Jackets #256 $55.00
Pants #257 $45.00