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DooDad Switch

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Product Description


A mini-toggle switch encased in an injection-molded housing, which just happens to fit on 7/8" handlebars perfectly. Used by itself, it will turn smaller items on (up to 6 amps@12V), but if you are going to switch the big stuff, like really large lights, we’d recommend a 12V relay in conjunction. Comes with a 34.5" long 2 wire insulated cord.

Additional Information

Additional Information

More Info
  • Can be wired to turn 1 thing on while turning something else off
  • Single-pole, Double-throw, precision toggle switch rated for 6 amps at 12 volts
  • The handlebar mount enclosure is injection molded polycarbonate with a black satin finish and fits 7/8in and 22mm handlebars
  • Use for accessories, turn signals or kill switch
  • 18" Wire leads


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Customer Reviews (4)

not useable for a motorcycle, too delicateReview by Dannyjo
This switch is a total disappointment! Only people used to working on micro, and I mean MICRO switches will be able to wire up, and then it will fall apart. I bought a motorcycle with two of these already on it, and they both fell apart in a couple of months. (Street Use) So I bought 2 replacements and they both fell apart when soldering the wires to the tiny tabs. They do not come pre-wired. Don't waste your money as I did! (Posted on 5/11/12)
How to attach?Review by ddennis669
The catalog describes this as having the wires attached. My wasn't. Where should one source the tiny connectors that need to be soldered on the wire to be able to attach it to the switch ? (Posted on 12/24/11)
doodad commentReview by doo dad
too difficult to attach wires to small tabs on switch. If you accomplish that then good luck feeding wire thru 2 halves of housing to screw together (Posted on 10/4/11)
Be careful not to overtighten the mounting screw. Review by Jack
It will break easily if you over-tighten it. (Posted on 1/21/11)