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#165 AD1 Motorcycle Pants - Black

AD1 Motorcycle Pants #165

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women: size up if using hip pads Review by scootergirl
I ordered the regular 30 black. I'm 5'7" w/ inseam 30.5", waist 29, hip 36, a typical women's 8. The function is really great, as all the other reviews state (weatherproof, knee bend comfort, POCKETS!). This review is about fit.

I used with TF5 (thin) hip pads, and it's pretty snug to sit with jeans- sometimes the AD1 snap button pops open, even w/ the belt cinched. Without the TF5 hip pads, they fit perfect. The length is perfect for me.

My next order will be one size up for use w/ hip pads. (Posted on 6/18/15)
Excellent riding pants. Review by Shane
I'm just home from a 200 mile christening ride with my new AD1's and I wanted to take a second to fan the flames of the Aerostich fanfare bonfire. These are great pants! The quality of the craftsmanship is apparent with the first glance. I've paired these pants with a Transit jacket and I have to say that barring any unfortunate mishaps, I likely won't be replacing either jacket nor pants for a very long time.
The pants slid on over a pair of light pants with ease. The armor in a bag, velcro'd inside the knee, leaves one feeling like there must be a better design, but once you're out and on the road they simply vanish. I ordered mine without the left thigh map pocket velcro and think they look much sharper without those fuzzy stripes.
I'm 6' tall barefoot, 165 lbs., and ideally wear a 33x33 when I can find it. I ordered a 34 long. The AD1's are form-fitting around the legs, without being too tight for street clothes, and the waist is only slightly bunched with the snaps in the slimmer position. Again, out on the road these pants fall right into place. It's obvious that these were designed by motorcyclists for motorcyclists.
I have no doubt that the AD1's will prove fully waterproof as is evident by the meticulous and generous use of seam tape.
I'm looking forward to logging many miles in this fine gear. (Posted on 8/29/14)
AD1 pants highly recommended (and size info) Review by Olaf
I've had my new AD1 pants for a few weeks now. The second day out I got caught in the rain riding my new Triumph Bonneville. The AD1's kept me perfectly dry as advertized. The AD1's are comfortable, stylish (for a motorbike pant) and fit very well.

I spent alot of time doing size research online and found less info than I would have liked. Hopefully this little report will help others. Aerostich's generous return policy doesn't refund the high cost of cross border shipping (I live in Canada) and doesn't refund those pesky sales taxes that the Canadian Federal and Provincial govenments charge.

I stand 5'-10-1/2" tall, 180 lbs. 52 years old. So far I don't have a beer belly. I buy my Costco jeans in size 34 waist /32 inseam. With Lee's, Levis, etc I buy the same size. But a tape measure around my waste shows 36". (maybe jeans sizes are optimistic?)

After reading and re-reading the online comments I decided to order my AD1's in size 36-regular with TF5 Transit Impact Hip Pads.

They AD1's waist fits a little bit loose if I wear just my boxers and a pair of merino wool long johns underneath. That's with both side snap buttons done up to take in the waist. The AD1's belt does the rest with one or two minor extra folds forming at the front. The extra room allows for the TF5 hip pads which sit below the waste.

Over top of my street jeans, the 36" AD1's waist fits about right with one of the side snaps let out. But I find the jeans waist band underneath uncomfortable and it's definitely uncomfortable to wear a belt with the jeans. Maybe that will improve as the pants break in. But for now, the merino wood longjohns are the ticket.

The pant length is perfect. Standing up the bottom of the leg just breaks over my riding boots and the knee pads are exactly were they should be. Sitting down on my Bonneville, the pant leg doesn't ride up.

The pants are totally windproof, water proof and are very well made. Highly recommended. (Posted on 5/20/14)
Best Ive used Review by stephen
I bought these pants 3 years ago to wear on my 40 mile work commute as it was a right pain to get in and out of my riding gear, so I thought these were the solution!

I did a bit of research reading into the sizing, and bought them a size too big, as I was going to wear them over my work uniform. This turned out to be spot on for my needs when the pants arrived.
They were a little stiff to start off with, but after riding In all the British weathers, and through the last 3 winters, they have eased up, and have never leaked!!! (got a wet ankle once from not adjusting the leg properly!)

I can now get into work, and changed into full uniform in a matter of 20 seconds! Perfect for what I wanted. I can wear them all year round comfortably, summer and winter. -5 to +25 they have served me well and by the sounds of it will continue to do so for many more years to come.

Very pleased with a well thought out product. (Posted on 3/16/14)
AD1 Motorcycle Pants Review by Chris
First, the folks at Aerostich are very professional and go above and beyond to assist you. Not really sure of which size I should go with, I went with a 38 Regular. I received the pants and I love them, but I realized I should have gotten a 36 Regular. I had to remove the knee pads as when I stand they were on my shin, not my knees. The pants are awesome and I can't see purchasing anything other than Aerostich in the future. (Posted on 3/4/14)
AD1 are #1 Review by Jeff
These pants perform as promised. Took a 5500km round trip across the Trans-Labrador HWY and Newfoundland in September (not recommended). 8 of the 10 days were wet. Most just a constant light rain. But 3 of those days saw long heavy downpours. I was the only one in the group to stay dry (had the Darien jacket on top).
Fit and length are great. Seem a little long at first but once they are snugly fit around my boots, don't even notice.

Customer service is also top notch. First pair I purchased were too snug on the legs. Sent them back asking for the next size up. The new pants were couriered to my house in no time. (Posted on 12/17/13)
Ad1 pants Review by Russ
These are my first over pants purchased. A bit stiff when new as expected, but after one wash and several rides, they loosened up. The knee pads fit well and the pants are quite comfortable. Already rode in comfort in mid-40s and look forward to this winters riding. (Posted on 11/15/13)
Great commuters! Review by Ryan
I ordered these pants as overpants for commuting over the Bay Bridge everyday as well as for weekend riding. I chose them over the Dariens as I really wanted a jean style pant that didn't make me feel like I was wearing a corset. I have to say I love these pants! They couldn't be easier to get in or out of and it seems like they provide plenty of protection. I wear a Levi's 33/30 and ordered size 32 which was a bit snug for the first few rides but fits great now. Be sure to play around with the knee pads until you get the placement just right - it's tricky when the pants are new and stiffer. Great pants... (Posted on 9/18/13)
Great Do-It-All Pants! Review by red
Full review:

The AD1 Pants are worth every penny. The fit is amazing, the construction is damn near bulletproof and the included features are great. They perform great in cold, cool and warm weather. However, once the temps hit the mid 80's, they're a bit toasty. However, with the leg cuffs left open, you do get some airflow up the legs. I plan to take the pants to a seamstress/tailor to have a second zipper head to the top of the zipper. That way, I can zip them down with the top and middle heads, then zip up the top head to create a vent. (Posted on 6/11/13)
I wish they came in my size Review by Uncle Dave
They look like great pants and i know Areostich makes great stuff. I'm a "big boy". I wish they came in my size: 50 or 52 ... (Posted on 4/25/13)

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Which Pants? Darien vs. AD1 vs. Utility...Regular vs. Light

AD1 pants fit me a little better than Darien pants. Their rise is less, so the waistband rides a little lower, and it’s slightly curved, which I also like better. The AD1’s included belt is a 1.5" Aerostich money belt, versus the stronger 1.5" side-release-buckled belt on the Darien pants. And compared to the Darien pant the AD1’s knees are ‘bent’ a couple of degrees more, which is nice for bikes with a little more rear-positioned footrests. The radius of this bend is a little bigger, too, so there is a bit more space for knee pads. Darien pants fit and feel a lot like Khaki's or regular pants and AD1's fit and feel a little more like jeans.

See the comparison...

Up to about 70ºf I wear my AD1 Lights over regular jeans or khaki pants. When it’s warmer they go over Aerostich cotton riding shorts…which we sew right here, too. The new Utility Pants fit like the AD1's, and have all the function, protection and styling of those, but without the full-length side-zips, belt, or reflective on the leg adjustment tabs. You can slip them on and wear them all day, whether logging hundreds of miles or just riding across town to run errands. Remove the TF3 kneepads and these super-tough pants are practical as everyday off-bike wear, too.

– Mr. Subjective

"The Darien and AD1 pants fit a little different…The Darien's fit like khaki 'Docker'-type chinos and dress pants. They have a straight waistband and a higher rise than jeans. The AD1's have a lower rise and a slightly conical waistband that is angled a bit lower in front. So these fit more like old-school denim jeans. I slightly prefer the AD1's fit."

- Mr. Subjective.


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