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AD1 Motorcycle Pants

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Very satisfiedReview by Craig
I recently began riding again, so I have purchased several articles of clothing, many from Aerostich. The AD1 pants exceeded my expecations in fit, quality and functionality, and the more I wear them the more comfortable they become. I highly recommend them. (Posted on 2/18/18)
Great quality,value and fitReview by Randy
Received my AD 1 pants today and once again impressed with the quality of Aerostich products. These will replace my old Darien pants which have served me very well. Just a sizing note to anyone considering purchase. I am 6.0 feet tall, 170 pounds with a 34" waist and 33" inseam. I ordered a 36 Tall with hip protectors and they fit perfect over my jeans with just the right amount of room. The AD 1 does have a little lower hip cut than the Darien but still can wear a belt on the jeans.
Thanks again Aerostich, well done! (Posted on 9/29/17)
AD-1: Pricey but Good!Review by Stinky Feet
I like Darien over pants, I’ve worn a pair for over ten year. The problem is, they leak, right into the crotch area. Mine have leaked from the first time I wore them in the rain, and leaked thereafter every time it rained. I eventually took to wearing a pair of rain pants over these over pants when I was expecting a hard rain, and eventually had them re-taped by A/S. They leaked the first time it rained. I coated the inside and outside seams with sealant, they still leaked. In the crotch.

So after 10 years I decided it was time to actually find a pair of waterproof overpants that were actually waterproof. Did not look to Aerostich, they had their chance and blew it, and I wanted something new. I looked at everything I could find, and tried a number of over pants on at Performance Cycle in Denver. I have a Klim jacket(also have two Aerostich jackets, so hush), and looked at their over pants. The Torrent overpants are nice (about $320—cheaper than AD’s), but they have no pockets! Deal breaker for me, I need pockets.

Note there is a clear distinction with manufacturers between riding pants and over pants. Riding pants are something you put on and take off once a day, and ride in them all day. You take off you boots to put them on, and you have to take off your boots to get out of riding pants: Not good for commuting. Over pants are put on over clothing and boots, and are removed as often as you like and don’t require removing your boots to do so. These are actually pretty hard to find.

After looking at many pairs of over/riding pants, I was drawn back to A/S. A/S overpants come in two flavors, Darien and a newer designed pants, called AD-1 (Asian designed?). The AD combined the best features of both the Darien and the Roadcrafter (got one of these, too) pants: lots ‘o’ pockets, (two on the front thighs, just like the Roadcrafter Suit), with flaps over the top to keep out rain, and keep in change and keys and such, and a (new) gusset at the bottom of the zipper to keep the rain out of your crotch. They also are as good as or better—quality/construction-wise—as anything I saw on my pants search. There’s also the advantage of years of evolution in the design. It shows.

So I ordered a pair of AD-1 in 40 L. I almost sent them back because the “L” refers to two extra inches in the legs, not in waist rise, as you might expect. I’m Wookie sized, but two extra inches in the legs is a lot even for me, and the hem in back was almost touching the ground, even with boot on. I was non plussed, until I got on the bike, and then it all became clear….they fit perfectly with knees bent on the pegs! No hem riding up to over the top of my boots, and low enough on the boot top to keep water out. Much better in the rain and cold.

And after this summer in Colorado, I’m very familiar with rain: These pants are waterproof, I knew A/S could do it!! I’ve been in a couple of storms this year that were as bad as anything I’ve ever ridden in and the pants worked just fine (as they should!), no leaky pants, no wet skivvies. At last.

Downsides? Noticeably warmer than the previous pair of Dariens, almost can’t wear them above 85 degrees. The belt which comes with the pants is OK, but the buckle is very cheap and fragile. Wish they’d put a better buckle on the belt, only a matter of time until it shatters. I’ll probably end up getting or making my own.

Recommended? You bet!

(Posted on 8/28/17)
Solid Riding PantsReview by LateToTheGame
I purchased the AD1s as replacement for my Darien Pants. I found the AD1 gentler curve at the knee more comfortable for long periods in the saddle. Also, I like the thigh pockets on the AD1s. Functionally I don't think the two pants are very different, since materials are nearly the same.

Fit is good for me. I'm a 36" waist in most pants. My 38" AD1s accommodate hip pads. I went 2" longer than my normal pants length, and that gives me good coverage over boots. The velcro adjustments at the bottom keep most air out, or let more in, depending on what I want that day. The cut is comfortable in the saddle, both at torso and knees. The fabric is heavy, much heavier and stiffer than I'm used to in outdoors gear. However, none of my other outdoors pursuits involve possibly skidding down the pavement at high-speed, so I'm happy with the stiff, bulky fabric. Less happy with the side zips. These appear quite sturdy, yet one slider stuck on me on my 3rd ride in the pants, something that's never happened to the much lighter sliders on my other outdoors pants over years of mountaineering and ice climbing. What gives?? I have yet to try the velcro thigh map pocket, but I think it will be useful. The window on my tank bag is small, and I think I'd appreciate having a map handy, even if I don't look down at my thigh while riding. That's what those quick pull offs are for.

I have yet to test these in serious rain. I've ridden in fairly cool weather, with high winds and spits of rain. The AD1s are encouragingly windproof, and shed moisture nicely. Bug impacts less so, but what does shed that goo?

Suggestions for improvement?

1. Someone else suggested not using fully-separating side zips and I agree. I have never released the zips at the top, and once I have the hip pads velcroed in place I don't want to release the tops. Long single-slider zips would be just fine.

2. Maybe a little higher cut in back. I'm pretty good with the fit, but if I have to make a suggestion...

That's about it. I like these pants. They give a feeling that I will stay reasonably dry if I ride in the rain, and that I might survive coming off the bike should that happen. (Posted on 6/26/17)
AD1 Pants The Genuine DealReview by Pete
Wanted a new long wearing overpant in 500 Denier (just like my +13 year old Darien) with full side of leg zippers, & secure (velco) pockets. You delivered all~ in Aces & Spades! Pants are excellent fit, -sized as my jeans, fit over street wear (no problem). Keep up the fine work of producing Quality goods for Motorcyclists! (Posted on 6/1/17)
Only piece of gear that kept me dryReview by HKsMike
Ordered my AD1s at the Washington DC pop up store complete with alterations. I told the ladies I needed in time for a cross country trip. True to their word the pants arrived a week before my departure date. On the day we left, the weather was wet and evolved to REALLY wet and cold. After 10(+) hours in the saddle, my jacket (Darien waxed cotton that I should have rewaxed), gloves, boots and I think my helmet were soaked through, but the AD1s kept my legs perfectly dry. Aerostich gear is pricey but always works as advertised! Thanks guys! (Posted on 4/23/17)
Great pantsReview by Mark
I've had my AD1 pants for about 3 years. Still completely waterproof. Zippers still work like new. Bad weather no longer bothers me! If I remember, Aerostich says you will ride more with their gear, and that has been true for me; several trips have been taken that I would not have gone on with my old gear due to fear of getting wet and cold. (Posted on 12/27/16)
First ImpressionsReview by Mitch
Ordered both the Darien and the AD1. The Darien fit wasn't for me. I agree, the AD1 fit is more like jeans. My normal jean size fit just about right. If I could change one thing I'd want just a tad more room in the thighs to make them roomier when seated. But they do fit well and will work fine. Both the Darien and the AD1 are built like tanks, and almost as heavy. Seriously, they are really heavy duty. But in a hard get-off it gives me the confidence that these pants will provide good protection. Overall, I am pleased. In a couple weeks I'll test them on an adventure ride and update the review. (Posted on 9/5/16)
Darian AD1 PantsReview by Rick
A lot of customers get requests for reviews right after purchase. Right, just removed them from the box and you want a review. Well now, it's been two years since I have had my Darian AD1 pants, so time for a review.

The good - Yes, I'd buy these again. Quality is top notch. There are waterproof, mostly, see "the bad". Had one oops at about 15 mph and not even a scratch, so protection seems excellent. Fit for me was spot on. The gortex liner is slippery, which I like, makes it easy to get the pants on and off, and they move around over mid layer pants and don't bind. I really like the two thigh pockets, they work very well for me.

The bad - None of these are deal breakers, but, if you are listening Aerostick, here are some improvements I'd like to see:

Ingress - Aerostich's idea is a full length zipper up the side. A holdover from one piece suits I guess. That however is not how I wear ridding pants. I simply slip them on over mid-layer pants, and sometimes boots. A zipper to upper thigh works fine. Your solution sucks. The snaps that you put on the waist simply won't stay closed. Before I taped together the waist using duck tape the side snaps would come undone about every half hour or so.

Waist height - OK, but I think an inch to inch and a half higher in the waist would be a better fit.

Lose the silly Velcro for the map pocket. It only collects lint and things. The map pocket would be too small to get a good view of your map, and I can't see trying to look down at a tiny section of may while I'm moving. If I need a map displayed that is what my tank bag is for.

Leakage areas - First of all, I've seen this complaint before, I have a pair or waterproof riding pants that cost half as much as these that have a full length barrier behind the zipper. The Darian barrier only goes about a third of the way. I've read other reviews saying the same thing, is not Aerostich listening? My solution is another waterproof layer I tuck like a bib in front of my pants when I know there is going to be a lot or rain since I don't particularly like sitting in a pool of wet. Don't think I should need to do that. Similar, but hasn't been as big of a problem I'd like a better waterproof closure to the regular upper pockets, maybe a zipper. Your waterproof cover with a small patch of Velcro allows for water to seep in to whatever is in my front pockets.

When these wear out I'll probably buy another pair ... but, while none of my complaints is a deal breaker, combined they would be enough to make me research some other options in the hope of finding something without these issues. (Posted on 1/5/16)
Great protectionReview by Cohye
First let me say that I purchased these pants with dual purpose in mind: 1) to wear over dress slacks (thin material) when commuting 2) as an alternative to wearing jeans. I understand they recommend wearing jeans underneath but I don't. I didn't get the hip pads either because I want a snug fit. I'm 5'10" 200 lbs. I normally wear 34 or 35 Levi's with 30" inseam. I went with the AD1 in 34 long which is absolutely perfect. I like the extra length since all pants hike up. When I'm walking around the length is not too long either.
If you are looking for versatility these are the pants to wear. Going camping with these pants are also perfect.
Hope this review helps (Posted on 11/21/15)

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