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#2151 Sigma Speedometer

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Sigma Speedometer

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Customer Reviews (7)

Very nice!Review by STurgisSTeele
Easy install and functions very accurately, once calibrated. Out of the box it was 4 mph fast on my bike. Now it is right on compared to a radar station set up on the side of the road. Especially like that it has a temperature read out. If the sun is directly on it, it will read quite high if not moving down the road. The only other negative is I feel the display could be bigger. Otherwise, a great purchase from Aerostitch! (Posted on 10/27/13)
great productReview by Dennis
the speedometer on my 1983 BMW R80ST went south after 50,000 miles. not wanting to remove it and mail it off to get fixed during prime riding season a friend suggested the Sigma bicycle speedometer from Aerostich. installation was simple and it really works great. I may never get the original speedo fixed. (Posted on 9/2/13)
High Tech on Vintage MachineryReview by Jeff
I installed this little device on my '73 Husky RT 360 for the '12 Barstow to Vegas Dual Sport ride. Installation was a snap and calibration was easy. I noticed that my mileage readings were slightly off on the course, but I checked with mileage markers on the paved sections, and it was right on! I suspect the people who laid out the course didn't have as accurate of a speedometer. Great, inexpensive piece of gear. (Posted on 11/26/12)
how fast officer?Review by Sprint RS
This version improved in mounting sensor to fork leg as it has provision for using cable ties. Also the instrument itself has a more legible display, more compatible appearance with the bike's dash, and the buttons are accessed easier. I don't like the speed display now including tenths, it's distracting though I suppose I will learn to ignore it. I mounted the display unit to the vilified exposed cross bar frame supporting the OEM dash unit and fairing. Cool! (Posted on 11/14/12)
Sigma Speedometer on a Ural PatrolReview by Michael
I've installed cycle computers on probably 6 or 7 motorcycles. Some computers are better than others, this is my second or third sigma. I like the size of the read out and it's a little more robust than some others I've used. Functions are about the same for most cycle computers. What I like the most about these kind of computers on a motorcycle is their accuracy of speed if set up correctly. Trip distance, time in the saddle, max and min speed. I've never found motorcycle speedometers to be reliably accurate, but a cycle computer properly setup is spot on.

You have to be a little creative mounting the magnet and magnet reader as each motorcycle type and brand is different. I've used rare earth magnets from Radio Shack on several installations when the supplied bicycle magnet wouldn't work. I use a spot of JB wield to secure the magnet to the rim or rotor depending on the bike. I wouldn't have a favorite motorcycle with out a cycle computer installed. (Posted on 10/8/12)
Sigma SpeedometerReview by Mike
This item is a mixture of easy and difficult. The set-up of the basic instrument was pretty straight forward, and the instructions were clear. What was unclear was how to attach the leads to the instrument, there are no holes on the instrument to plug them into, and it took je a while to figure out that they don't "plug" in, but are slotted into some openings at the bottom of the instrument holder. The next problem was deciding how and where to mount it on the motorcycle, as the bicycle mounting (spoke and fork) won't work on the typical motorcycle.

I ended up mounting the magnet that came as part of the "crank" reader (it comes in two parts, I used the upper) on the inside edge of the rotor carrier, and the pick up on
the lower portion of the fork leg. There was virtually no other place to mount it on my '99 Thunderbird Sport.

I think it works, I need to ride with someone else to judge the accuracy, but it seems to be reading the speed and mileage OK.

Its nice and tidy, but only a fill in until I can lay my hands on a replacement speedo/odo at a price I can afford. (Posted on 10/5/12)
Sigma speedometerReview by markst
Easy setup, very accurate.
Using it on a KM spedo bike in the US English mode.
Large numerals and easily read.
Have it mounted with zip ties on my clutch master cylinder on my ST-1100.
Great item! (Posted on 7/29/11)