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#1845 (w/ Aero Patch)

Engineer's Cotton Riding Shirt #645-1845

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Customer Reviews

6 Item(s)

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the real deal Review by cam
Just arrived and out of the bag this shirt appears to be the real deal. Stiff like a new pair of jeans, and generously cut. Just needs a couple of washings. (Posted on 12/22/14)
Bring on the cold Review by Swenson
Winter finally came and I have been wearing this shirt for three days. Warm and strong. It just makes me happy and somehow brings back memories of my uncle.

Generous sizing. I turned the cuffs up, since my arms are a bit short. (Posted on 12/21/12)
Sturdy good looks Review by John
Ordering a size smaller is a good idea. It won't win any prizes for style but for a tough, durable shirt that looks good on or off the bike, this is the one. (Posted on 1/3/12)
Great Shirt Review by EKM
This is a great shirt--one of my favorites--and even made in the USA. It's authentic--you'll see what I mean when you unwrap it. At first, it will seem too big, but just wash and dry it a couple of times. I've already got 2 of them. (Posted on 11/21/11)
WAY big Review by Lockjaw
Great shirt. Ordered a large (what I wear) and it was HUGE. More like an XXL. Exchanged for a medium and it is still a little big, but good enough. Aerostich was great about making the switch. No complaints, but heads up, order a size down. (Posted on 10/22/11)
Thumbs Up Review by David
I like food. All kinds of food. The more diversity the better. But when it comes to clothes, I'm downright "Meat and Potatoes." Give me THIS shirt and my favorite jeans and I'm happy as a clam (or a Wellfleet Oyster.) Or put me in an Armani suit... either way I'm happy. The shirt wears like iron and does me fine for all but the very hottest days of summer. (It is 9 oz. cotton, after all.) I have two of them and IF these ever wear out, I'll be getting two more. (Posted on 5/20/11)

6 Item(s)

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How to Break-in an Engineer’s Cotton Riding Shirt

These 100% cotton shirts are as tough as nails, and brand new they are uncomfortably stiff as unwashed denim pants. You can run them through your washing machine and dryer a dozen times and though they’ll shrink a tiny amount, they won’t get that much softer or more comfortable feeling.

They do become as soft, luxurious and wonderful as old flannel, eventually. There’s two ways to get there. Fast and slow. The slow way is to start wearing them. This takes a little while, but eventually you have a nice soft-wearing comfortable shirt that’s still cast-iron durable.

Then there’s this shortcut for more immediate wearing comfort:

  1. Take shirt from washing machine after it’s gone through the rinse and spin cycle and remains damp, or slightly wet.
  2. Find a large strong tree trunk, solid wooden wall, wooden boat dock, large wood post, or wood floor.
  3. Firmly grab the shoulders of the shirt and ‘whap’ the still damp-wet shirt as hard as you can against said tree trunk or other wooden surface.
  4. Repeat this three or four times, then shift your grip to the shirt’s hem and do it a few more times. Hold the shirt in several places and repeat.
  5. After about ten or fifteen ‘whaps’, put the shirt into a clothes dryer or hang dry.
  6. Enjoy a soft, lifetime-durable comfortable riding shirt that’s so nice you won’t ever want to take it off.

One note about ‘whapping’ the wet shirt fiercely. Each ‘whap’ makes a heck of a loud noise. Almost like a gunshot. So don’t do this abuse late at night unless you live quite far from your nearest neighbors. And never ‘whap’ the shirt against a concrete, stone or steel surface. Doing that will shatter several of the buttons. (A few buttons gave their lives during this research project.)

Now enjoy a nicely softened riding shirt that is super comfortable yet still tough enough to last you the rest of your life.


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