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Snider's Paint Guard

Snider's Paint Guard

Product Review (submitted on September 9, 2008):
This stuff is a cosmetic savior! I was using a tank bag without knowing it was scuffing the paint till the first time I took it off. So much for the paint on my new bike, what a bummer....

I remembered this product while browsing another time and ordered it immediately. Arrived shortly after and installed it that day.

It's super easy put on, only requires water. It peels right off too and is completely reusable. It is a little difficult when dealing with compound curves, but you can cut it up to fit virtually any shape. When installed its virtually invisible until the vinyl scuffs, but better the vinyl than my tank.

I like this stuff so much I put it under my seat to protect the rear fender as well. It's very versatile, strong and totally wind-proof.

It can be used for other applications as well. We put it under my friend's roof rack on his car and it keeps his roof from getting scuffed up by the mounts. genius!