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Yellow Cards

Yellow Cards

Product Review (submitted on April 15, 2009):
Great idea but it fails the test of time. I had a magnet affixed to my gas tank for about three weeks before I used one. In Los Angeles, I split lanes to get to the front of a red light. An aggressive driver in some BMW that looked like a mustang used the right turn lane to "split" as well. Light turns green. He punches it to get in front of the truck and then cuts left into me to avoid crashing into the parked cars.

I got off my bike at the next light and dropped this thing on his hood. It was obvious the little pocket of air would cause the magnet to simply fly off as soon as he passed 20mph.

I've given a dozen of these things away to friends I ride with (SoCalSVRiders). They've noted the same behaviour. The magnets fly off their gas tanks.

This is a novelty item only - not to be trusted to work in real life.

I would have rather redecorated the side mirror.